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Get to Know Peter from Claw Roofing

We’ve so enjoyed sharing members of our Claw Roofing team with you! Today, we’re continuing by introducing Peter Gerrard, co-owner and head of operations management and sales.
Peter from Claw Roofing

• How long have you been working with Claw?

I’ve been working here at Claw since the beginning back in 2002!

• Tell us a little about the jobs and services you provide to clients.

With running the operations and sales, I do quite a bit involving our clients and their roofs. Some of the usual jobs include: 

  • Assessing the home & roof. Since our roofs are flat they have a lot in common – including what the clients want, how long they plan to own the house, what they think their roofing issues are, measuring the roof, and determining any issues with it.
  • Educating clients on appropriate roofing application, taking into account all of the above! I discuss what they can expect and what we at Claw can provide on the job.
  • Scheduling the jobs, ordering the right materials, organizing our expert crew for the size of the job.
  • Periodic supervision of roof application including troubleshooting should issues arise and need to be addressed.
  • Final inspection + Collection from our wonderful clients!

• What led you to become an expert roofer or other member of the Claw Team?

I have roofed my whole life. I identified an issue that is specific to flat roofs. I did the research and figured out a way to address the problem in a way that no other roofing company does.

I am a perfectionist and I became passionate about fixing these types of roofs. I love the challenge and the thrill of being able to fix something no one else can.

A torch on flat roof

• What is your favourite part of the job and why?

Educating the customers because once they understand what is happening they can make educated decisions. They will no longer be victims of bad roofing practises.

• Tell us a favourite work memory!

My favourite memory is when we were announced as the winners of the 2014 ethics award over 5000 other companies. We were not expecting it and when we went up to the stage to accept the award my wife was speechless – and she is never speechless!

• What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned on the job site?

When we insulated and raised a roof by two inches, it changed the draw of the chimney so the pilot light wouldn’t stay on. It took us a while to figure out what was happening but when we did, we changed the chimney cap and the problem was solved. Never a dull moment for Claw when we are problem-solving on behalf of our clients here in Calgary!

Calgary skyline at sunset where Claw Roofing is located

• What’s something we don’t know about you?

I was a commercial fisherman for 30+ years on the east coast.  It was my own business so I could fish in the fishing season and then roof in the off season.  I finally sold my boat and my licences and retired from fishing in 2006.  The name “Claw” represented the claws of a lobster but over the years it has come to represent the claws of a hammer. 

• What hobbies and interests do you enjoy in your spare time?

I love to golf, spend time with my wife and family and play with my grandbabies!

Peter from Claw Roofing with his grandchild

• What’s your favourite part about living and working in Calgary? Tell us about why you love living here!

I love living here because of the strong work ethic and focus on entrepreneurship. People in this city understand the importance of working hard to get ahead and they don’t begrudge other peoples’ success.   


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