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How to Remove Algae Stains from Shingles

roof-algae-streaksPurchasing a home is a smart way to invest your money! However, owning a home also requires taking proper care of higher maintenance items. Why? Because you want your investment to stay protected in order to avoid unnecessary and expensive issues that could’ve been prevented in the first place. Big-ticket items are oftentimes our biggest selling points, so don’t neglect them! A common problem for home-owners? Dark streaks on asphalt shingle roofs.

So, what are those black pesky streaks? NOT mold, surprisingly. They’re moisture-feeding algae, attempting to remove light-reflecting granules. A more simple way of putting it: leaving those black streaks means fast deterioration and a sure-fire way to needing a roof replacement.

With that being said, as soon as you spot algae growth, cleaning your shingles is an absolute must.

To safely do it yourself, you’ll need:

    • Full-body safety harness
    • Garden hose
    • Garden spray nozzle
    • Supplemental water pump


Important notes to keep in mind before starting:

    • The time of day is important. A cool or overcast day is best for washing shingles.
    • Try and choose a day where wind is kept to a minimum.
    • Choose a non-corrosive and eco-friendly cleaning product
    • Prior to washing, repair any loose shingles or flashing and clean the gutters
    • Product is guaranteed to end up on the ground, so ensure to cover and protect all furniture below


How to Remove Algae Stains:

  1. Wearing your body harness, head to the top of your house. Ensure the cleaning spray and water mix is in its pump sprayer (follow the instructions for what the appropriate ratio is).
  2. Spray the shingles with water to prevent the product from drying during the process. After 20-30 minutes, clean the roof with the spray. Wait another 20-30 minutes, then rinse using water.
  3. To prevent algae from growing back, installing zinc or copper strips can help. Another preventative method for algae regrowth is to spray stain-blocking solution on the shingles after you’ve cleaned them.

As a home-owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain your shelter. In order to protect your investment, increase the value of your home, and avoid expensive repairs, cleaning your shingles is a big part of effective preventative maintenance.

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