There is a variety of considerations to take into account when determining whether to replace your roof. As the primary protection between nature and your dwelling or workspace, the roof is an essential component to every residential and commercial building. Claw Roofing in Calgary can help you assess your current damage and help you decide whether significant repairs are at stake or if you are better off starting fresh with a new roof. Sometimes, water damage, mold and infestation issues are so abundant that it makes more sense to replace rather than repair.

Symptoms Of Severe Damage

Overflowing gutters can contribute to a clogged system that invites water damage to enter your home. Lifting or missing shingles, poor waterproof barrier installation, cracks around your chimney, rusted flashing and holes or punctures from storm season can all wreak havoc on the integrity of your roof. Age is another factor to consider. Many roofs require replacement after 15 to 25 years. How often your annual roof maintenance has been conducted can play a huge role in determining how quickly you may be up against replacement. Always be on the lookout for signs of missing roof components or damage. Biannual roof inspections during the spring and fall are ideal times to visually inspect your gutters and clean out accumulated debris. Note any water stains running down the walls of your home or seeping through drywall to ensure there is no moisture issues.

Insulation Concerns and Ventilation

Noticing how much snow accumulates on your roof each year can help you determine if your ventilation and insulation is adequate. Many homes still have their original insulation with lower R-values than are considered acceptable by today’s standards. If you are experiencing giant icicles every winter and significant melting or freezing fluctuations, it may be time to investigate your attic more closely.

Shingles? Bitumen Flat Roofing? Metal?

While it may seem simple to replace the roofing product you have, it is wise to consider all of your options. Are you planning to maintain this property until retirement? Will you qualify for our Claw Roofing financial payment plan? We have a plethora of products, prices and payment options for our customers to consider. Purchasing a new roof is costly, yet necessary. Clients who have been aware of issues and preparing ahead of time financially may feel less of a sting; however, the majority of people find out that their roof is in far worse shape than they realized once a proper inspection report is completed. Oftentimes, discovering severe water damage or mold can boost your roof replacement requirements to first priority. We can help you amend the situation when the unexpected occurs!


Exactly how long your roof will last depends on certain factors. The type of roofing material, proper installation and regular maintenance all play a role in the lifespan. On average, torch down or asphalt materials can last anywhere from 20 years. Wood shingles are often great for 30 to 40 years and metal roofs may last over 50 years. Clay tile shingles can remain for up to 100 years with the proper care! The slope and pitch of your roof, how much snow you get and how close landscaping trees are can all influence your roof.

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