Claw Roofing Specialists is a family-owned and operated full-service Calgary roofing company; offering services to Southern Alberta. We specialize in residential low-slope and flat roof systems, although we are also experts in applications for steep pitched residential and commercial roofs.

We are committed to delivering the highest level of skill, service, safety and professionalism in our business. At Claw we take pride in our work and the service we provide to our customers.



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The house we had just bought was in dire need of a new roof. Claw was very quick in getting us a quote and the work was done in short order(2 days). We had a good experience and have nothing to complain about. They were quick, friendly and the roof looks great. I don’t know a lot about roofs but with the 10 year labor warranty, I’d hope it’s done well.
Claw Roofing’s slogan is “We will not compromise on quality!” and here’s how that commitment has played out in my personal experience as an investor in a small portfolio of residential rental properties in NW Calgary. I had a wicked problem with wet ceilings in a low-slope duplex...
I own and manage some rental properties and it’s really important that my tenants stay warm, dry and confident that I will take care of problems right away. This past winter, after a big wind storm, my tenant called me to say that there were shingles blown off the roof. Because of good previous experience with Claw Roofing....
Claw put a torch-on roof on our house several years ago, but it was recently damaged by a falling tree. Claw had a crew in site in 2 hours. They removed a large amount of tree debris and repaired the damage. Great work at a fair price!


Rae Che
Rae Che
01:44 22 Jun 19
Disappointing response on warranty work. I was assured by office staff an installer would call me back regarding a leak. I waited all day for a call. Worked my schedule around them to be ready to answer their call. No call. Not even an idea as to when they might be able to get to me. When I called them again in the afternoon to ask for status I had to give them my info all over again, as if I hadn’t called at all. They could have just said they wouldn’t be able to get back to me the same day. At least that way I don’t need to rearrange my day around them. I found this to be inconsiderate and more
03:39 13 Apr 19
Five years ago we purchased a bungalow with a low slope tar and gravel roof. Even as we viewed the home for the first time, on a mild day in February, we could see water dripping from the eaves on both sides, along with abundant evidence that this ongoing problem was causing rot in the wood soffits. The home inspector's terse comment was “leaks in tar and gravel roofs are often very difficult to find”. These words rang true as we tried to diagnose/fix the problem over the next four years. Four different attempts, by two different contractors and ourselves as homeowners, all failed. Finally, in late 2018, we contacted five more contractors. One never replied at all, another replied but never gave us an estimate, and two others gave us estimates with various and conflicting recommendations. No one actually explained why our roof leaked at the eaves. Peter from Claw Roofing came promptly, and gave us a detailed recommendation to address both the leaking, and the lack of insulation in the ceiling cavity. The removal of the tar and gravel, the installation of a Torchflex roofing system, plus the addition of foam insulation on top of the roof, would greatly relieve our excessive heat loss in the winter (when the main floor of the house felt like an icebox) and our excessive heat gain in the summer (when the main floor of the house felt like a sauna). And sure enough, when the work had been completed, in cold weather in March, we noticed an immediate improvement. The crew did a good job of cleaning up debris in the yard. Some minor damage was done to one area of aluminum siding on the front of the house. Peter hunted down the original color and supplier, ordered the siding (special order from Quebec), had it shipped to Calgary, and installed by his crew, all at his expense. They replaced the siding on half of the front of our house. It's a good color match with the other half of the front, even though the age difference in the two sidings is 48 years. We feel that Peter demonstrated integrity in his dealings with us, and that his crew does quality more
Lloyd McBurney
Lloyd McBurney
16:58 03 Oct 18
Workmanship was superb, workers were courteous and dedicated.
Noel Ritson-Bennett
Noel Ritson-Bennett
17:22 07 Sep 18
Chris was very accomodating to my concerns and the quality of work was exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend Claw Roofingread more
Gerhard Pflug
Gerhard Pflug
22:34 17 Jul 18
Claw Torch-On Roofing Job Varsity Acres I live in a house that was built in 1967. Claw Roofing did an excellent job on replacing my old worn out leaking tar and gravel roof with a brand new torch-on roof. They expedited the job in view of the fact that it was already leaking and needed immediate replacement -- which was greatly appreciated. The job was done last autumn (2017) – so I have had the benefit of evaluating the roofing job over the winter months as well as through the hottest part of the summer. I can honestly say that the house was warmer and felt cozier over the winter and cooler in the summer thanks to the upgraded insulation. I am also pleased that the rain gutters work properly now. The (hot) crew was very scrupulous in replacing any rotten or deteriorating wood. The installation crew was very friendly, polite and cheerfully answered all my questions as the job progressed. The job was completed on time and the upon completion of the job, the site was thoroughly cleaned up. Peter Gerrard, the company president, who initially discussed all of the available options, prepared the initial estimate and was on site numerous times to ensure the job was done to his high standards. I highly recommend Claw Roofing if you require replacement of your old tar and gravel roof with a torch-on replacement. Gerhard Pflugread more
John Mungham
John Mungham
12:00 16 Jul 18
Claw Roofing did great work for us. They were very professional and were very knowledgable. They damaged one of the eavestroughs while working on the roof and had it properly repaired before I even realized it. It is obvious they take pride in their work and business. We highly recommend more
Miro Cabaj
Miro Cabaj
22:44 25 Apr 18
Claw Roofing professional came within 2 days to acess damage, provided quote next day and get the job done within a week. We needed someone who can address problems caused by low-slope roof, check and fix insulation and ventilation of the roof , fix wood work underneath the shingles and know how to apply torch/hot roof solution. These guys did it all and we are so glad we came across Claw Roofing more
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