Claw put a torch-on roof on our house several years ago, but it was recently damaged by a falling tree. Claw had a crew in site in 2 hours. They removed a large amount of tree debris and repaired the damage. Great work at a fair price!

– Jack

I own and manage some rental properties and it’s really important that my tenants stay warm, dry and confident that I will take care of problems right away. This past winter, after a big wind storm, my tenant called me to say that there were shingles blown off the roof. Because of good previous experience with Claw Roofing, I called them for an estimate even though it was still very cold. There’s an old proverb that says “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. It was too cold for my ‘fair weather friends’ from the insurance company to send their adjusters to come out to take a look, but not too cold for Claw’s people. Talk about responsive in an emergency! They not only came out to take a look but they “tarped” the area over to mitigate any damage inside to the property while the wheels of insurance bureaucracy turned. And they got that new roof installed quickly, as soon as it was safe to be outside.

– Judi

Claw Roofing’s slogan is “We will not compromise on quality!” and here’s how that commitment has played out in my personal experience as an investor in a small portfolio of residential rental properties in NW Calgary. I had a wicked problem with wet ceilings in a low-slope duplex . I was sold a roofing solution that didn’t solve the problem and in retrospect, I probably chose the supplier on lowest price. Big mistake.

Remember what Ben Franklin said: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” So when the next low-slope property needed a new roof, I called Claw in to bid. And I went with their bid because I trusted that their solution – though not the cheapest one – was going to prevent the same problem from happening again. Even with the freeze-thaw extremes this winter that Claw roof is working. Because Claw does not compromise on quality of materials or workmanship, they have not hesitated to give me the full written guarantee that adds to my peace of mind and the value of my asset.

– Tom

The house we had just bought was in dire need of a new roof. Claw was very quick in getting us a quote and the work was done in short order(2 days). We had a good experience and have nothing to complain about. They were quick, friendly and the roof looks great. I don’t know a lot about roofs but with the 10 year labor warranty, I’d hope it’s done well.

– Jennifer