Roof Maintenance

Professional Roof Cleaning Saves Time and Money

Pretending not to notice the leaves, twigs and organic debris filling your gutters can lead to dangerous and disastrous results. Your favourite Calgary roofing company understands that it can be tricky and downright scary to ascend a ladder with tools…
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Get to Know Peter from Claw Roofing

We’ve so enjoyed sharing members of our Claw Roofing team with you! Today, we’re continuing by introducing Peter Gerrard, co-owner and head of operations management and sales. • How long have you been working with Claw? I’ve been working here…
Roof Maintenance

To Repair or Replace… That is the Question

We’ve said it many times before, keeping up with regular roof maintenance is imperative when looking to increase the value of your home and avoid expensive damages. However, what do you do when either you’re dealing with pricey damages due…
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Company News

Get to Know Carmen from Claw Roofing

We’re thrilled to keep introducing you to our claw Roofing team! next up is Carmen, Co-Owner and administration manager of Claw. • How long have you been working with Claw? I’ve been here since the very beginning with Claw! I’ve…