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3 Residential Roof Repairs Calgary Homeowners Should Know About

Do you think you may need a roof replacement? If you have noticed problems with your roof it’s possible you could require residential roof repairs. It is essential to have a complete picture of your roof’s integrity prior to buying or selling your home or commercial building. Claw Roofing can give you the peace of mind and answers you need. A professional roof inspection can save you thousands of dollars in preventable damage caused by leaking roof components. Our licensed and bonded crew can identify any potential issues and provide you with a comprehensive report outlining the most pertinent issues. Once you have a list of priorities, you can determine if repairing or replacing the roof is in your budget. Key items to watch for on your roof include:

  • Missing or damaged shingles
  • Moss or mold growth on roof
  • Missing, damaged or plugged gutters and improper drainage
  • Interior water damage around windows, doors and skylights
  • Water damage trails and swollen shingles

residential roof repairs

Roof Replacement Calgary: Skylights & Chimney Flashing

Common places for water to enter your home or office include areas that have been cut through the roof to accommodate certain features. Vents, chimneys and skylights deserve extra attention to ensure that they have been correctly installed. Depending on the age of your building, items may have been installed according to prior to the current code. Faulty installation by an unprofessional contractor can prove disastrous results down the road. Industrial roofing and commercial roofing have the same potential problems. Rest assured that your favourite Calgary roofing company to take care of all of your roof leak repair and replacement.

Roof Leak Repair Calgary: Peaks & Valleys

It can be difficult to find out that your roof looks decent but has not been installed properly. Improper measurement for materials can leave contractors short on shingles and proper barrier materials. This can lead to poor choices including skimping where it counts the most. Every roofline has significant peaks and valleys that need careful attention to ensure they don’t become problematic in the future. Water damage can lead to mold permeating your home and affecting the air your family, animals and employees breathe. Don’t’ take chances on your interior air quality and never underestimate how detrimental mold exposure can be. Call Claw Roofing for all of your roof leak repair Calgary! We look forward to meeting you at the site.

Preventive Roof Maintenance & Gutter Cleaning

Ensure your roof is in optimal condition by staying true to your annual roof maintenance routine. It is wise to visually inspect your gutters while cleaning them every spring and fall. Protect yourself from inadequate drainage by removing branches, leaves and organic matter debris. Clogged gutters can lead to twigs, branches, pine cones and accumulating debris interfering with your downspouts and gutter drainage. Our team can assess your drainage concerns and help you pin point the issue. When it comes to determining if you need a new roof, there are a lot of factors to consider. Interior and exterior water damage can occur when improper drainage occurs. Contact us today to discover how healthy or harmful your current situation is.

Call Claw Roofing To Book Your Roof Inspection Today

Don’t hesitate to take care of your roof leak repair Calgary! Ignoring the issue is only going to create more expensive problems down the road. We can help you address any of your residential, commercial or industrial roofing concerns. Call Claw Roofing today to book your roof inspection this fall.

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