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The Dangers of Moss On Your Roof and Roof Moss Removal

Taking care of your roof is essential as it’s a major component of one of your biggest investments: your home. Since your roof may be out of sight, it can be easy to let regular maintenance slip your mind. However, one of the most obvious signs your roof could use some TLC is the appearance of roof moss. In addition to being unsightly, moss on your roof can actually damage your roof shingles and cause deterioration and leakage.

If you’re wondering how you can control and prevent mold and moss on your roof, keep reading. Calgary roofing experts, Claw Roofing, have compiled a few ways to help you get rid of moss on your roof.

What is “Moss”?

You may have noticed something suspicious growing on your roof lately. Maybe your home’s roof seems to be a slightly different colour, but is that really moss?

Usually, moss is an all-encompassing term for anything that looks a bit unusual on your roof. Technically, it could be algae, fungus, or mold and mildew. The important part you need to know is that if you have unusual growth starting on your roof, it needs to be dealt with. If you’d like to know more about your specific roof’s situation, contact us at Claw Roofing. We’d be happy to give you a free estimate on your roofing needs and give you a more in-depth answer as to what may need to be done to get rid of the moss on your roof.

Does Roof Moss Need to Be Removed?

If you’ve noticed your home has moss on roof shingles, you may be wondering how imperative it is to have it removed. Does it really need to be taken care of? The short answer is yes, it does. Cleaning moss from your roof means you’ll spend less money on roof repairs down the road and it will ensure your roofing investment will last even longer.

If you’ve noticed roof moss, chances are you’re only seeing the top layer where it is clearly visible. Unfortunately, if it’s already at this point, there’s a good chance it’s also blooming in between and underneath roof shingles’ edges. As it continues to flourish, the moss will eventually lift and separate the shingles, causing gaps in your roof’s surface. This can cause leakage as loosened shingles are prone to blowing away. Moss also causes the natural decomposition process of shingles to be sped up. This means a shorter lifetime on your roofing investment. Your roof will end up with lifting or missing shingles, and be exposed to the elements. Not to mention critters and insects have a high chance of gaining access to your roof when it is damaged. 

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How To Remove Moss From a Roof

If you’re hoping to save a buck or two, you may be considering removing your roof moss on your own. Many sources suggest using bleach and a power washer. While this may temporarily remove the moss from your roof, it can actually cause a different range of issues. Ideally, the best roof moss killer is an environmentally friendly option that is right for the job. As previously mentioned, you may not actually have moss per se on your roof and getting the right roof moss killer is imperative to actually get the job done. Hiring reputable professionals that can accurately identify the type of moss will ensure the job is done thoroughly and properly.

How to Prevent Roof Moss

While roof moss is not entirely preventable, there are a few things you can do to lessen the chance of it growing and taking over your roof. First, you can trim any trees that have branches overhanging your roof. Moss likes to grow in cooler, shaded areas. Trimming tree branches or removing anything you can that prevents sunlight from reaching your roof can help prevent moss from growing and spreading.

Arranging regular inspections and repairs from your Calgary roofing company can help keep your roof in tip-top shape to make sure you get the most for your roofing investment.

If you see some suspicious growth on your roof and would like help identifying and removing it, contact us at Claw Roofing. You can request a completely free, no obligation estimate for your Calgary roof. We’d be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Contact Claw Roofing for roof moss removal or a free estimate.

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