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Winter Roofing Emergencies

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Alberta winters can be brutal! Let’s face it…winter is the worst time to experience a roofing emergency! Sub-zero temperatures and crazy wind and hailstorms are not meant to enter your home. Thankfully, Claw Roofing in Calgary is on-call for all of your roof leak repairs, roofing replacement, inspections and more. Some of the key winter…

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Signs & Symptoms An Ice Dam Is Developing

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While the frozen winter wonderland display hanging from your gutters may look enchanting, it is a sign of chaos brewing! When your soffits and gutters become inundated with heavy, dense ice due to constant freezing and thawing combined with blocked drainage, expensive issues and health concerns may arise. Claw Roofing wants to help you identify…

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Preparing Your Roof For Winter

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Your favourite Calgary roofing company has some great roofing tips to help you stay warm and dry during this fall and winter. Autumn is the ideal time to check your flat roofing or shingles for signs of wear and tear. Take note if any of the metal flashing around your windows, chimney or vents is…

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Eco-Friendly Roofing Solutions for Commercial Buildings

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Eco-friendly roofing solutions are important for commercial businesses. As a Calgary based roofing company, our team at Claw Roofing recognizes the importance of environmental sustainability for long-term positive effects on the environment and to save on energy costs. In addition to taking care of the earth, utilizing eco-friendly roofing options can benefit your business. It…

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