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Calgary’s Own Claw Roofing Company

CLAW ROOFING’S RESPONSE TO THE COVID_19 CRISIS Our family at Claw Roofing first want to wish all of you safety, health and hope during this difficult time. Our number one priority has been and continues to be the health and…
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Rooftop Solar Panel Hot Water Installation

How many times have you cringed at your gas or electricity bill? It can be especially prevalent if you are running a hot tub or in-ground pool,  have a business or even teenagers constantly showering. Imagine the possibilities of switching…
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Avoid Roofing Repairs From Improper Ventilation

  The ventilation within our attic and roof is often misunderstood. Improper ventilation in Calgary roofing is often diagnosed only once an issue is at hand. Claw Roofing wants to help you avoid roofing repairs due to poor ventilation and…
poor-ventilation-roofing-repairs | Claw Roofing Calgary
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Best Roofing Options For Solar Panel Installation

  Your roof has the potential to change your energy consumption and resources. Claw Roofing in Calgary understands that more people are thinking about their roofing options in the wake of our environmental uncertainty. Whether it is capturing rainwater from…
solar-panels-roof-inspection | Claw Roofing Calgary
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Flat Roofing Emergencies & How To Prevent Them

Flat roofing is an ideal option for many buildings, budgets and environments. As with any type of coverage, roofing repairs are common. Claw Roofing specializes in flat roof repair, Calgary! In fact, our modified bitumen is a highly weather-resistant material…
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Calgary Flat Roof Repair & Mold Prevention

Age-related degeneration, winter storms, intense winds and weather can cause damage to your flat roof. Punctures and holes can allow moisture to enter your home or business. Even the tiniest amount of consistent water damage can create mold growth in…
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Calgary Roofing Repairs and Winter Weather 

  Winter weather can cause havoc along your roof line. Dramatic storms this season can cause shingles to lift, detach and even blow away. Shrapnel in the form of tree branches, wayward antennae or heavy, icy hails stones can penetrate…

Roof Repair

At Claw Roofing, we have the equipment and the expertise to identify the issues with your roof and exactly what is needed to fix them. Whether it is minor repairs, or a full roof replacement, we guarantee professional service and exceptional results.

Roof Installation

Whether it’s cosmetic or to protect your family, Claw Roofing is here to safely install your new roof. We have the certification, insurance and training to meet all of your new roofing needs, including: Torch-on applications, decking installations over flat roofs, and special material roofing.

We are proud to provide a 10-year labour warranty

Trust us, Our work is guaranteed

We utilise the highest accreditation, insurance and manufacturer guidelines so your roof investment is protected.