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Rooftop Gardens Celebrate Nature & Sustainability

Urbanization doesn’t have to mean a complete loss of greenery within our cities. Claw Roofing in Calgary celebrates the emergence of exciting rooftop gardens. More city planners and commercial corporations are choosing to grow their own food and minimize their carbon footprint by establishing a rooftop garden. The more greenery we can invite into our lives, the better! Canada is not as proactive as Switzerland just yet, but hopefully, more cities will adopt Toronto’s rule of ensuring ten percent of industrial roofs are green. Claw Roofing in Calgary can help you implement your wildest rooftop garden dreams for your residential or commercial space.

From Agriculture to Air Quality

Filtering out air pollutants, with photosynthesis, creating a haven for staff and guests alike and positively moderating the building temperature throughout the year are some of the numerous benefits green roofs offer. Rooftop vegetable gardens can bring the community together by providing an idyllic and sustainable landscape. Organic fruits and veggies can be grown for residents or a restaurant and a rooftop garden can help maximize on unused space in apartments, commercial properties and houses alike. Imagine being able to take your lunch up to the top floor or having a rooftop patio at your condo. Private, park-like settings offer a serene, communal gathering place. The more flowers and pollinators that we can invite into our concrete jungles, the better off we will be fighting against smog, dust and other irritants.

Adequate Drainage & Rainwater Recycling

It is estimated that 70 to 80% of the precipitation that falls onto a rooftop garden is utilized. Adequate circulation and creative ways to re-circulate the water are vital to maintain the longevity of the space. Careful consideration of plants, trees and subsequent root systems needs to be taken into consideration. Choosing local fauna can maximize the chances for a successful transplant.

Catching and reusing rainwater are essential components to any successful rooftop garden. Creating tiered gardens, trellis walls and optimizing a swale water technique can enable you to let gravity work naturally to water the bed below.

Decreasing Noise Pollution

Another benefit of dense and lush rooftop gardens is their ability to dampen sound. This can be helpful for those buildings that are located directly within a flight path and within the busy urban core. Reducing urban noise can help more people feel relaxed and peaceful.

Urban Heat Island

Based on the notion that temperatures are increased dramatically in most urban locations due to the sun’s ability to warm up concrete faster than trees and plants, the UHI considers cities to be heat islands. People turn to air conditioners and fans to counteract the heat. Thanks to natural daily evaporation, plants and trees have the capacity to cool down entire cities. We know how important having your home be a pleasant haven is, so the more we include rooftop gardens into our plans, the more benefits we will enjoy. Claw Roofing in Calgary looks forward to discussing the possibilities with you for your commercial building or custom home!

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