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Best Spring Maintenance Tips: Preserving the Longevity of Your Roof


Melting snow hails warmer temperatures as we finally welcome spring. Claw Roofing in Calgary has some great tips to help you check the health and wellbeing of your roof. Regular maintenance and inspection every spring is essential to stay ahead of any potential leaks or damage.

While you are carefully removing your remaining Christmas lights, be sure to keep an eye open for any damaged shingles, rusted chimney flashing, dented or perforated drainpipes and other signs of disarray.

Gutter Check


There is something magical about the sound of trickling water signalling that spring has arrived, (particularly if you are collecting it into huge tanks to reuse for watering the garden!) Ensure your gutters are functioning optimally without any significant debris or puncture holes. Damage can occur from repetitious freezing and thawing; improperly cleaning the gutters during the fall can cause issues once spring arrives.

Overflowing gutters do not drain adequately and can lead to spill-overs and overhead dripping leaks. Your gutter check always begins with a thorough visual inspection from the ground. After safely securing your ladder, ascend and prepare to clear out any trapped foliage, branches or pine needles. Water is unable to naturally flow downhill if there are copious amounts of organic debris clogging the way.

Mold & Rot


A huge issue with unkempt gutters is the potential for mold and fungus to grow. There are many pictures of gutters with tiny mushrooms sprouting out, along with moss and damp thriving vegetation. Inadequate circulation can easily contribute to mold taking hold. Spores can be devastating for anyone with a respiratory issue.

If you are unable to clean your own gutters, it is vital to hire a reputable and experienced company such as Claw Roofing to do a thorough job.



Picturesque and gorgeous as this vibrant plant can be in the forest, it is not a welcome organism to have thriving in your roof. Having moss in between your shingles can cause separation, swelling and extreme moisture damage.

Overhanging Branches


Nearby trees may require a trim to help keep your gutters clear. Adopt the rule that no overhanging branches can reach your roof and keep your landscaping neatly trimmed. Claw Roofing in Calgary reminds clients that sudden windstorms can cause disastrous results with branches that are too close. Shingles can become disrupted with constant wear and tear, causing a potential weak spot.

Seals and Standing Water


Check all metal flashing, vents and subsequent seals to ensure that there are no missing gaps, blistering, or damaged edges. Notice if there is any pooling water inadequately draining on your roof. Check the interior walls around the peaks, valleys, skylights and windows for any signs of water damage.

Staying Safe On Your Roof


Remember, if you prefer to have your roof maintenance taken care of, call us instead! If, however, you decide to brave it up on the roof, take the following safety tips into consideration:

*Properly lock your ladder into place and only have an experienced person set it up.

*Never walk on skylights

*Avoid water, snow and icy roofs

*Avoid having your back facing the edge

*Never go up on a ladder unsupervised

*Avoid being within 6 feet of the edge

Our experienced and friendly crew can help you address all of your roofing concerns. From minor repairs to complete overhauls and all components in between. Don’t hesitate to call us today!

Contact Claw at (403) 969-2439 book your free estimate with us today!

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