Interview with Chris Taylor, VP of Operations with Claw Roofing

Introducing… Chris Taylor of Claw roofing!

Chris has been with Claw Roofing for over 17 years. He started as a general labourer and has now shifted into the role of VP of operations! Check out his interview, below, to learn all about the roofing market in Calgary and why Claw is a cut above:

As VP of operations, what does a regular day look like at Claw Roofing?

A regular day is different based on if I’m in the field or not! Around two days a week, I’m in the office, catching up on files and paperwork, and for the rest of the week, I’m in the field making sure the team is organized and everything is going smoothly on each of our projects. It’s great to have the balance of both!

Roofing in Calgary

Calgary skyline view

What kind of work does Claw typically get requests for during the winter?

Once winter hits for real, it’s more maintenance than building. We handle a lot of leakage concerns as well as the weather fluctuates. Very few people are aware that Claw Roofing is fully operational during the winter period, and that we can help, even in the cold. Commercial or residential, we are still here to assess your needs.

What kind of building do you work on the most?

We seem to get the most requests from single flat roof requests, or duplexes! We are proud to work all across Calgary’s beautiful neighbourhoods for family homes, which are mainly detached homes. We also work extensively with rental properties and are happy to provide excellent roofing service working with landlords on repairs, maintenance, and new builds.

What kind of standards do you have for hiring workers?

Skilled labourer with Claw Roofing

Skilled labourer with Claw Roofing

Claw stands apart in residential and commercial roofing. We prioritize hiring trained, skilled, accredited workers and journeymen to our team. Our quality of work is consistent and our roofers aren’t just transient workers who are in and out, but rather they are the cream of the crop of their training programs who stick around with Claw Roofing!

Spring is coming up! What are some of the featured services people often need in the spring?

For spring, our customers are often looking for eavestrough cleaning, roofing inspections, maintenance issues (from ice, condensation, water damage), and other maintenance needs. It’s also a prime time to replace a roof or build a new one, completely. Whatever the need, Claw Roofing is happy to provide quality service to the Calgary area!

Thanks, Chris! And remember, Claw Roofing is here for your roofing needs, no matter the season. Call us today for a free estimate and we’ll see you soon!