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Get to Know Chelsey from Claw Roofing

We’re excited to introduce you to the wonderful members of the Claw Roofing team! First up, Chelsey May, our expert communications specialist. Keep reading to get to know chelsey and her role at claw roofing a little better.
Chelsey May of Claw Roofing

• How long have you been working with Claw?

I’ve worked with Claw Roofing for seven years in total. Two years as office manager before I left Calgary, then I moved and after a break, came back for another five years in a slightly different capacity.

• Tell us a little about the jobs and services you provide to clients.

Claw is a full service roofing company. We offer services ranging from inspection to full re-roofs. We are the Calgary experts when it comes to flat roofing systems!

• What led you to become an expert roofer or other member of the Claw Team?

I stumbled into it. I started helping out my Mom (Carmen) in the office part-time as she was still working in the healthcare system. At the time I was also a full-time student and had a job as a personal caregiver. It turns out that we work well together, and I love the atmosphere. 

Chelsey May of Claw Roofing

• What is your favourite part of the job and why?

Helping our customers. Whether with finding a financing solution or helping to figure out what kind of roof they have; it makes me happy to make someone’s life just a little bit easier in what can be an otherwise overwhelming process.

My favourite work memory was the summer I spent physically on the roof…

I was a labourer and it was a blast. I was in great shape, and I got an awesome tan… everywhere except my hands (from wearing gloves). It was a long time before my hands and arms were similar shades. It was a major ice-breaker well into the winter months. 

• What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned on the job site?

I will never cease to be amazed at the prevalence of condensation issues. Poorly ventilated roofs are insanely common, and lead to so many people having issues of water in their home.

Flat roofing imagery

• What’s something we don’t know about you?

All through junior high and high school I was very active in the Musical Theatre/Show Choir scene. Along with my sister and our cousin, I was a member of the Youth Singers of Calgary, and would compete in the Musical Theatre section of Kiwanis Music Festival each year. I didn’t take that part of my life with me, but I very much enjoyed my time in the spotlight.

• What hobbies and interests do you enjoy in your spare time?

I am an avid reader. Every third book I read is something that will expand my knowledge. Whether self help, biography, or topic of interest. But I gravitate towards fiction. Specifically fantasy. Magic and mythical creatures are always a bit of a mini-vacation for my mind.

I’m also a crafter – mainly sewing and crochet, but I love to dabble in all sorts of things when I can find time. Most of my projects these days are child related. Decor for bedrooms, hooded blankets for the costume box or even the odd toy. Not to mention typical repairs/alterations to clothes on a regular basis always work their way into my pile of things to do. 

Chelsey May of Claw Roofing

• What’s your favourite part about living and working in Calgary? Tell us about why you love living here!

I don’t actually live in Calgary. I grew up in Alberta, but moved to BC roughly a decade ago. I now work from home in the Fraser Valley. Though I do try to visit Calgary as often as possible. Usually I spend a week in the Calgary office every couple of months.

With all the precautions surrounding Covid-19, I think this is the longest I have ever gone without a trip to Calgary. I shudder to think what the filing system will look like when I do finally make an appearance.

Want to learn more about Claw Roofing and the expert roof building and restoration services they offer? Visit www.clawroofing.ca for more information!

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