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Avoid Roofing Repairs From Improper Ventilation


The ventilation within our attic and roof is often misunderstood. Improper ventilation in Calgary roofing is often diagnosed only once an issue is at hand. Claw Roofing wants to help you avoid roofing repairs due to poor ventilation and trapped moisture. It is never good news to deliver to a home or business owner that their roofing woes were preventable.


Calgary Roofing: Symptoms Of Improper Ventilation


Due to their high proximity and tricky footing, roof and attic spaces are commonly unexplored by most homeowners. Following up after a roofing contractor has completed their work is not common practice. Understandably, many people do not have the means to access their roof or take stock of its components. Spending time on ladders and in the farthest reaches of your home is often best left to the professionals. Poor roofing installation and improper ventilation are key factors that contribute to roof leaks and repair.

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Roofing Repairs & Daily Household Moisture


There are many avenues that excess moisture can gain access to your home. Fluctuating moisture levels can cause a host of issues. Improper ventilation in your home does not properly disperse excess moisture from laundry, bathroom showers, cooking, etc. Heat and moisture from daily activities can collect and in the attic and lead to long-term problems.  Regular roof inspections every spring and fall can help you monitor the condition of your roof and plan ahead for roof replacement and repair. Common areas of concern include:


  • Mold and Mildew from humidity.
  • Air-conditioner issues – constant use in a building with improper ventilation can lead to wear and tear on the A/C unit, mold and mildew and more expensive utility bills.
  • Reduce roof lifespan – dry-rot can occur within underlay and shingles due to excessive moisture and heat fluctuations.
  • Rust – nails can lose their integrity over time and fail to hold roofing components in place.
  • Ice Dams – repetitious freezing and thawing cycles from improper ventilation can cause irreversible damage.



Ice Dams & Symptoms Of Calgary Roofing Repairs Gone Wrong


Certain houses on the block broadcast their improper roofing ventilation. Lack of biannual maintenance and keeping gutters and drain spouts free of debris can impede drainage. Freezing and thawing cycles can cause the snow on your roof to melt due to the internal heat rising to the attic. The snow on your roof melts and takes the path of least resistance. Discovering you have mold growth, mossy shingles or other signs of water damage to the interior or exterior of your home can be frustrating and expensive. If frozen gutters and angelic displays of ice dams and waterfalls have become part of your winter wonderland, it is time to investigate. Sometimes, upping your insulation, replacing old vents and addressing the issues right away can help you save the longevity of your roof.


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We would like to help you feel secure with your roofing situation and help you avoid roofing repairs Calgary! For all of your residential, commercial, institutional and flat roofing jobs Calgary, call on our professional crew. We look forward to meeting you on-site and providing you with an honest and reliable quote.

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