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Here’s How to SAFELY Decorate for Christmas

Santa Claus, reindeer, gifts, family, food… it’s true; the festive season is upon us and safe holiday decorating should be made your #1 priority for fire prevention and the avoiding of injury! We want to make sure you have a safe and happy holiday season so that’s why this month, we’ve chosen to give you some helpful tips for safe Christmas decorating!

Get a Fresh Tree and Keep it Hydrated

Need some Christmas tree safety tips? You’ve come to the right place! When needles from a tree are hard to pull off, that’s usually a sign of a nice, fresh tree. If you notice that pine needles are falling all over your livingroom floor, your tree may be dying and you’ll need to water it (or throw it out if it’s getting really bad). Fire prevention at Christmas starts with your tree and a dry tree equals a fire hazard. Make sure the tree is green and hydrated to avoid a not-so-festive flame.

Keep Trees Far from Heat Sources

While this is likely common sense, we figured we’d lend over a friendly reminder anyway. Always ensure trees and decorations are kept away from heat sources in order to prevent a fire during the holidays. If you light a candle, make sure it’s kept up on a steady surface and at a great distance from anything that could catch a flame.

Ensure Extension Cord Safety Practices are Properly Utilized

Never use an indoor extension cord outside. All outdoor extension cords are clearly marked and it’s extremely important to follow these rules to prevent shock or fire. In addition, outdoor extension cords are built to withstand different types of weather conditions like moisture, sun and precipitation. Be safe, not sorry when hanging up your lights!

Keep Ladders & Décor Away from Hanging Power Lines

A big part of safe Christmas decorating is ensuring ladders and outdoor décor is kept separate from hanging power lines for obvious reasons. You don’t want to accidentally tear down a line because you wanted the most festive home in the neighbourhood. Keep your decorations within a safe distance and give those power lines some space!

Never Hang Lights Directly from Shingles

Don’t make a bad roofing mistake this December. There’s a proper way to hang lights from your roof, and it doesn’t include hanging them directly from the shingles. Protect your roof by safely hanging holiday lights with shingle tabs or all in one clips. Never staple lights to the shingles because punctures can reduce the effectiveness of the roof.

We know it’s exciting to create a festive and inviting home over the holidays but before we get too ahead of ourselves, holiday safety at this time of year should always be considered most important and that includes avoiding damage to our roof when hanging up holiday lights!

Have questions about your roof or perhaps in the market to replace your old one? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!

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