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5 Common Mistakes People Make With Their Roof


Think of your roof as the “invisible” part of your property that in some ways, is one of the most important investments in your home. Roof maintenance should be taken extremely seriously. If you need to conduct maintenance or repairs to your shelter, don’t make these common mistakes:

Don’t Try it Yourself

If you have a ceiling leak in your kitchen, bathroom or another room, it’s best to call upon the help of a professional. Issues like leaks can be difficult to source and the longer you wait to have it repaired, the more likely you’re exposing yourself to more serious problems, like mold. As a matter of fact, most issues at the top of your house should be dealt with by someone who knows what they’re doing to avoid creating more problems for your home and safety issues for yourself.

Improper Ventilation

Roof ventilation is what allows your shelter to function properly. An incorrectly ventilated house can create plenty of problems like ice dams and ceiling leaks. Poor construction may include the bathroom fan venting into the attic, rather than out of the roof, an incorrect balance between intake and exhaust vents, not enough or too much attic insulation, and an inconsistent amount of venting. If ventilation is improperly installed, expect serious issues that will have to be dealt with later.

Incorrect Shingle Installation

In our often wet environment, proper installation of shingles in Canada is exceptionally important. These are what encourages a waterproof home, so they must be put on correctly. When installing or changing roof shingles, even the little details are crucial, such as nailing them in. If nailed incorrectly, they’re more likely to slip off faster creating more work for you in the near future.

Flashing Discrepancies

A roof valley can handle a large amount of water, but the metal flashing inside is what keeps the leaks out. When putting up metal flashing, using enough sealant is crucial to avoid detrimental issues to your house. Also, a professional knows that layering the flashing underneath the shingles is correct and that the U-Shape of the metal should be facing the valley to avoid water running where it’s not supposed to, leading to faster deterioration.

Hire an Unreliable Contractor

We get it, roof maintenance and repair is expensive. But as a home-owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your property is safe and well taken care of. Improper care is only setting up more time-consuming and costly issues for yourself in the future. And by hiring an unreliable contractor or attempting to do the maintenance on your own when you’re not properly trained can be a hazard in itself.

That’s where we come in. At Claw Roofing, you can trust us with roof maintenance and repair. Why? Because we believe in excellence and professionalism. We’re committed to providing you with excellent durability and our best work. And, we’ll never compromise on quality. Need to know more? We’d be happy to talk to you! Contact us for a free estimate.

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