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Best Roofing Options For Solar Panel Installation


Your roof has the potential to change your energy consumption and resources. Claw Roofing in Calgary understands that more people are thinking about their roofing options in the wake of our environmental uncertainty. Whether it is capturing rainwater from your roof and gutters to collect it for lawn and garden water, creating a roof-top garden or adding solar panels, the integrity of your roof needs to be in top shape to support secondary options. In order to obtain the best bang for your buck, your house ideally needs to face south, southwest or southeast to maximize solar panel power.


Roof Inspections Provide Vital Details


Before clients run out to purchase solar panels, solar shingles and anything that will be installed along their roof, it is necessary to address underlying support issues. This is the time to fix leaks, missing shingles, flat roofing repairs due to punctures, rotten support features, inadequate ventilation and more. If you’ve found damaged flashing or disarray around your skylights, we can help! Simply installing something new over top of something broken will not provide you with the long-term environmental solutions or energy-efficient savings you are seeking. Book your roof inspection with us today to discover how solid your base is for installation. Claw Roofing simplifies all of your roof replacement and repair Calgary! Let us handle all of your shingle repairs and roofing replacement prior to your solar panel installation. We are always happy to make sure your roof is in top shape to handle any upgrades.


Metal Roofs, Tile Roofs & Solar Panel Installation


Metal roofs are one of the most durable in terms of roofing materials. Solar panels can be easily installed and mounted securely. Metal roofs last for decades with proper care and will likely outlive your new sun-loving panels. Be sure your solar installation is carefully calculated to prevent drilling unnecessary holes within your roof (an important note regardless of what your roof consists of). Tile roofs and metal corrugated roofs can utilize different tracking systems to seamlessly integrate solar panel installation for your residential or commercial building.

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Solar Panel Shingles and Solar Slates


Conventional PV panels have been installed as solar gardens along the ground in certain instances, close to the building. Newer options in solar energy are arriving on the market that requires less square footage. It is important to calculate longevity, cost, warranty info and company history if you are considering adding solar cells to your residential or commercial space. Understanding how much energy your building currently consumes and projecting future usage can be a great place to start calculating your options.


Claw Roofing For All Calgary Roofing Replacement Repairs


We are excited to hear your ideas and what goals you hope your new roofing can help you accomplish. After all, your roof is a huge investment and we want to ensure it will take care of you and your needs now and for years to come.

Give Claw Roofing a call to discover the best way to enjoy the greenest roofing options possible. Let us help you secure your roofing situation.

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