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Preparing Your Roof For Winter

Your favourite Calgary roofing company has some great roofing tips to help you stay warm and dry during this fall and winter. Autumn is the ideal time to check your flat roofing or shingles for signs of wear and tear. Take note if any of the metal flashing around your windows, chimney or vents is rusted and make a plan for getting those gutters free of debris. Essentially, all roof components work as a team to keep you dry and direct water away from your home. If the soffits and fascia along the edge of your roofline were full of icicles and snow last season, permanent damage may have been done. For all of your commercial roofing and residential needs in Calgary, including roof replacement and repairs, rely on Claw Roofing to get the job done right! Key ways to prepare your roof for winter include:

  • Visually inspecting gutters, downspouts, shingles, flashing, vents, chimney etc.
  • Removing organic debris from clogged gutters
  • Signs of rust and water damage
  • Fascia and soffit health and integrity

Roof Replacement Calgary Is Easier Than You Think!

Our devoted crew believes in providing you with a comprehensive report and photographs to document the state of your flat roofing, tile, and shingles, along with all residential and commercial applications. We deliver the facts you need to help you decide whether roof repair or replacement is your best option. If your visual inspection this fall has left you wondering about the integrity of your roofline and any of its components or you discovered roof leak repair issues, call Claw Roofing in Calgary today to put your mind at ease. We offer flexible payment plans for qualifying clients. Putting off your roof woes can lead to health concerns including mold exposure and more expensive repairs down the road!


Calgary Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

We provide an honest assessment of your unique situation. We don’t believe in merely placing a Band-Aid on a bad roof issue. Your family and employee’s health and well-being are vital. We put our time and energy into creating lasting solutions for all aspects of your roof including gutter repair. Calgary home and business owners can feel confident once all issues are exposed and professional recommendations are made. After all, we treat every roof as though it is our own family at stake. Licenced, bonded and insured, your health and safety is something we take to heart. Don’t delay and contact our experienced and reliable Calgary roofing company today!

Residential Roofing Calgary

Protect your assets and your livelihood by ensuring your roof is not becoming a home to dangerous or infectious pests this fall and winter. Relocate any birds nests or insect homes out of your gutters. Make sure to wear gloves and tell a family member or neighbour when you are going up on the ladder. Gutters can become detached from your downspouts and create tricky waterfalls. Organic debris can cause overflow to happen along any point of your gutters, along with holes and perforations. Downspouts often get moved accidentally due to lawn mowing, pets, and kids. Our qualified and professional team inspects every component of your roofline to ensure optimum protection for your home and foundation. If you need to readjust your downspouts or reattach items to your roof, this is the time! Waiting until ice and snow arrive will be much too late.


Call Claw Roofing, Your Calgary Roofing Company

We’d love to help you feel extra cozy this fall and winter. Call us to book your roof inspection, quote or roof leak repair Calgary. Regardless, if you are dealing with residential roofing, industrial or commercial settings, our team can deliver the facts you require to make an informed decision. We look forward to meeting you at your earliest convenience.

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