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Claw Roofing: Calgary’s Financing Friendly Option

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The inevitable finally happened…you are up against a new residential or commercial roof. The repairs and replacement costs have been on your radar for awhile…telltale signs of leakage and debris after heavy storms have let you know that it was only a matter of time before you had to take this epic project on. What now? Thankfully, Claw Roofing offers Calgary’s financing friendly option to ensure that you don’t have to cut costs on this vital component.

Replace Existing or Upgrade Now?

Securing your home or business requires looking at your buildings’ history. Did the old roofing style adequately provide drainage and snow removal during the winter? Are there any definitive signs of water damage around any windows, doors or gutters? Our expert team can provide you with a thorough inspection and estimate of what it would cost to replace your current roofing materials. We can provide some additional products or installation options to give you a better picture of how your new investment will stand up to our harsh winter season and prevailing winds. Oftentimes, upgrading roofing materials or style will add longevity and reduce maintenance.

The Cheapest Quote Isn’t Always the Best Quote

Our friendly and professional team will break down the total costs involved in your new roof from labour and installation to materials. Once you have a clear budget to consider, it is much easier to see your financing options. Putting money aside as a downpayment can significantly reduce your loan and minimize payments. Simply hiring the “lowest price in town” may not deliver what you are looking for. We guarantee our product and are happy to address any future issues under warranty if they arise.

HELOC or Home Equity Line of Credit

Many clients have a decent amount of equity established within their property when it comes time to re-roof. Talk to your bank to see what types of interest rates you are looking at. Often, a line of credit on your home has a much lower interest rate as compared to a traditional credit situation. See if any home improvement loans or reimbursements are offered. Check your bank’s latest loan promotions as many offer zero interest options if the loan is paid back on a consistent schedule without any missed payments.

Source Out Your Financing Options

There are many different routes to take when it comes to choosing the best roofing option to suit your financial needs. We are happy to offer some referrals from working with other successful clients. Our team understands how vital your new roof is to your health, security, privacy and well being. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the best options for the entire project. Call Claw Roofing in Calgary today and we will come take a look. Schedule your roofing assessment and let us work out the figures on your behalf. Once you have a solid bottom line to budget with and the knowledge of which roofing materials will best suit your location, we will be happy to get started!

Call Claw Roofing in Calgary to discuss financing your roof today (403) 969-2439

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