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Springtime Roof and Gutter Maintenance for Commercial Buildings

Industrial Building Roof

Spring has officially sprung! Now is the time to address your leaky commercial roof and repair those damaged gutters. Consistent inadequate drainage takes its’ toll during springtime rainfalls. You may have noticed the concrete along your driveway or parking lot has severely deteriorated directly below a corner of your roof. Perhaps you can constantly hear annoying dripping and poor drainage from your desk indoors! Whatever the status of your commercial roof damage, Claw Roofing in Calgary specializes in affordable and lasting solutions.

Gutter Maintenance 101

Having someone physically clear leaves, pinecones, branches and animal debris from your gutters is a necessary task. Many companies are concerned about liability issues or think that whoever handles their building maintenance is automatically taking care of this endeavour. Check into your current building to see who in fact is visually inspecting, repairing or reporting any damage. Improper drainage can affect your interior space and lead to severe health risks associated with water damage and mould. Perhaps installing some type of Gutter Guard system is in the budget to increase your gutter lifespan and roof capacity. Trapped organic matter can cause mould or moss to grow and clog your drainage. Banging out ice if and when gutters become frozen in the winter may have left you with some unintentional dings and tiny holes within your gutter. Take notice during the next rainfall and walk the perimeter of your building to look for any signs or symptoms of an unhealthy gutter situation.

Exterior Exploration

Spring maintenance is not just for your residential space. It is vital ensure the health and well being of your employees and your team by visually inspecting your commercial property. The spring time is perfect as the snow is leaving and you have safe access to inspect your surroundings. Check for any cracks in the foundation, walkways or parking areas to address water damage issues. Note if there are any loose shingles or low hanging soffits or detached corner gutters. Clients are often amazed at how fast their gutters, roof and surrounding structures can deteriorate when one piece of their perimeter is not performing correctly. Your roofline should ideally be a regular part of your spring building maintenance program.

An Estimate You Can Count On

Our dedicated team knows what signs and symptoms reveal themselves when inspecting a roof. Your commercial space is unique. We look at local landscaping that may be influencing your drainage or plugging up your gutters and can make recommendations to improve your longevity. Our organized crew can give you accurate dates to work with so that you can address your employees and stay abreast noisier construction days. We are committed to operating in a safe manner and secure the premises for everyone on site. Enjoy having a pre-planned timeline and budget to work with. Minimizing disruption as much as possible is something our team strives to accomplish with each and every client. There are many signs that your commercial gutters are no longer functioning at capacity. Our expert staff can help you determine if you have any life left on your existing gutters or if excessive damage is already taking hold.

Warranty Secured

At Claw Roofing, we understand your commercial roof is in fact a huge investment. Whether it is a residential strata unit, downtown office building, industrial hangar or any unit in between, we are happy to work with you to deliver the best product for your budget. We break down the costs so that you can see the value within every aspect. Our experienced team specializes in a variety of roofing surfaces to adequately suit your building’s needs. From flat torch on roofing to asphalt shingles, tile or gravel, we have got you covered! Call Claw Roofing today to schedule an estimate and let us help you breathe a sigh of relief as you cross this gargantuan project off of your list of things to do!

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