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How to Determine the Cost of a Brand New Commercial Roof

Installing roofs are one of the largest expenditures a commercial building owner has to make. Calgary commercial roofing can install brand new commercial roof using good quality materials so that it lasts for many years. Commercial roof installation can be expensive, so careful planning is required for the project.

Costs associated with new roof installation
The price depends on some factors. This includes the size of roof, slope, complexity of the project, underlayment, and accessories, material, ventilation, labor costs, overhead costs, etc. Usually, contractors charge a base price per square feet. They then add additional costs on top of this price. The contractor will make minimum 25% net profit on the project. If the project is small, then this amount might go beyond 25%.

The cost of new roof installation varies according to the geographic location, competition, and economic conditions. On average, one square of architectural asphalt shingles cost $100. This price varies according to the season. Accessories can cost $40 -$50 per square. A typical installer charges $15/hr; a laborer charges $10-12/hr, and a foreperson takes $20/hr. The number of people needed to carry out the task depends on the size and complexity of the project. On average, the labor cost will be $1280 for installing a roof. Lots of overhead costs are incurred. For example, the cost of storage, liability insurance, utilities, office supplies, etc. There is also truck insurance and the costs of maintaining vehicles. You will also have to consider the fuel expense. It is estimated that total overhead cost would be $250 per day.The cost of roof installation varies. You should consider the roof’s service life expectancy also when calculating the cost of roof installation.

Roof restoration
Many commercial roofs are replaced before then need to. This way, the roof’s protection value and other benefits are cut off. There is a cost-effective option for owners called roof restoration. This is a process of installing liquid-applied roofing products on the existing commercial roof. This can extend the roof’s life for several years. This commercial roof coating creates a roof membrane over the existing one. So, there is no tear-off or other costs associated like in the case of roof replacement. With this commercial roof coating, you can expand the old roof’s life for more than 20 years, and you can save 50% money on the roof replacement cost avoided.

When installing a brand new commercial roof, you have to do an intense market research. As the cost varies depending on several factors, you should shop around to find the best deal. You can save money on the cost of materials, labor and other expenses by carefully planning the project.

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