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Four Different Types of Tile Roofing Material

Roofing can protect your home from the wind, precipitation, and the wind. The life of roof influences the safety and durability of your entire house. The comforts of your home depend on how reliable your roof is. You will find various roofing materials in the market today. Roof tiles combine functionality and look. When buying a particular roof tile, Calgary roofers suggest that the structure of the building, functionality, personal preference, etc. Here are four types of roofing material that you can use in your home.

Metal tiles

These are appropriate for any weather conditions. Metal tiles adapt quickly to change in temperature. From outside, the metal tile will look like traditional natural tile. In one of the sides, there is decorative painting and on the other side, there is the protective layer. These tiles or made with a wavy surface, scale-shaped tiles, etc. Every square meter of metal tiles weighs approximately 6.5kg.

Ceramic tiles

These tiles are used for stone, brick, and wooden buildings. These are made of various kinds of clays. Clays are mixed thoroughly in some proportions. These clays go through heat processing. It helps them to get the same density and uniform color. You can apply a coating, but it doesn’t provide additional protection. It changes the look of the building. Ceramic tiles are available in flat, grooved and undulating form. These are fireproof and don’t degrade even after being exposed to the sun or temperature for a long time. They have excellent sound and heat insulating properties. Modern day ceramic tiles have a color glaze on the surface. You will find various colors of ceramic tiles including green, blue, white, yellow, etc.

Concrete tiles

This type of tile is made of cement mortar, that is, sand, water, and cement. All you need to do is mix these components, and your tile will be ready. These tiles are dried in special chambers, and the process is repeated. It takes a month for the tiles to mature. Iron oxide is added as a coloring pigment after the process of making concrete tiles. These chemicals don’t have any adverse health effects on the body. Thus, it is an eco-friendly roofing material. It looks like baked clay. These tiles are durable and frost resistant. They also have excellent heat and sound insulation properties. These tiles are heavy; so, extra building constructions or support is needed to install them on your roof.

Composite tiles

It is a new roofing material that is widely used now. It has a multiple layer structure. These are 0.5mm thick steel sheet that is coated with aluminum and zinc. In one of the surfaces, a coating of the acrylic polymer and some stone chippings is applied. Because of the coating, the tiles look much better. Acrylic primer is applied on the inner side of the tile which helps to protect the tiles from corrosion.

No matter which kind of tile you choose for your roof, it must protect your house and last longer. Inspecting the Calgary roofing regularly for any cracks is important. If you notice any problem, then either fix the problem or change the tiles of your roofs.

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