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  2. Avoid Roofing Repairs from Spring Power-Washing 

Avoid Roofing Repairs from Spring Power-Washing 


While blasting your shingles as part of your Spring cleaning routine may sound like a logical idea, Claw Roofing strongly advises against it. Trying to climb a ladder with your noisy, vibrating pressure washer is not safe by any means. Besides, high-pressure water can unintentionally lead to roofing repairs in your Calgary roofing. Shingle granules can become dislodged and pieces of roofing materials can be sent as dangerous projectiles. The key is to assess your roofing to determine why pressure washing seems viable. Are you dealing with mossy buildup? Are there slimy deposits spilling from your over-clogged gutters? We want to help you enjoy your roof in optimum condition. We specialize in all of your residential, commercial, industrial, shingles, tiles, metal and flat roof repair Calgary!

Calgary Roofing and Spring Maintenance

Many people celebrate Spring with the first carwash in the driveway. It can be tempting to spray away winter grime from all external surfaces, including your roof; however, power-washing delicate roofing components is not ideal. It is easy to accidentally damage gutters or detach them all together in a fit of super spring cleaning. We do recommend conducting a visual inspection and gutter cleaning at least twice a year for the ultimate preventative maintenance. Keeping your roof clean and free from debris is essential. If moss or mold has taken root, it is vital to address the underlying issues. Simply washing away your troubles is not nipping them in the bud. Mold, mildew and moss will return sooner than you could imagine!

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Pressure Washing Damage Is More Common Than You Think

Spraying the side of your house as you position you try to aim for the roof can inadvertently remove paint or stain from the exterior of your house, deck or fence. If you rely on gutter guards, heat tape or other gutter treatment, you can swiftly shred important roofing components, exterior lighting and more. Even a simple driveway power-wash session can degrade your concrete or asphalt if there are any cracks or imperfections of integrity. Moisture is capable of entering your home via cracked mortar or worn wood and can end up destroying your electrical, your insulation, your foundation, your roofing membrane and more. Tiny tears or holes in your flat roofing can suddenly become giant issues if subjected to unrelenting high-pressure water blasting.

Call Your Calgary Roofing Specialists For Your Roofing Analysis

Discover how to best care for your particular roof and all of its’ vital components. We are your first and last call for roofing repairs, roof replacement and more! If roof replacement is your next stop, enjoy our comprehensive warranty and years of peace of mind. We want you to feel secure 24/7!

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Contact Claw Roofing today to book an inspection to determine the longevity and lifespan of your roof. We can identify potential problems and outline which areas need to be fixed. Prioritizing your roof replacement and repair is essential to ensuring your residential, commercial, industrial and institutional roof is up to par. We look forward to meeting you on-site to discuss your roofing repairs.




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