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Gutter Cleaning Tips For Winter Roof Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning Tips For Winter Roof Maintenance

Protecting the roof overhead that protects your family and coworkers rely on annual maintenance considerations. Claw Roofing wants to help you avoid roof replacement Calgary by helping you understand why cleaning your gutters biannually is vital to the longevity of your roof and components including your fascia, downspouts and more. Debris easily accumulates in our gutter systems due to shingle deterioration, windstorms and nearby landscaping. If you have a deciduous tree depositing organic matter or an evergreen leaving tricky needles behind, it is important that you take the correct steps to remove the accumulated matter prior to it clogging your gutters and interfering with your drainage away from your home. We have all of your industrial, commercial and residential roofing Calgary! Call Claw Roofing to book your flat roof repair or roof leak repair. We can help you replace any damaged or worn out items.

Calgary Roofing Company Gutter Tips & Tricks

First of all, be sure to tell a family member or neighbour that you are ascending to the roof. Straddling ladders by yourself is never a great idea. Ensure that all of your equipment is in proper working order while you are still on the ground. Double check your locking ladder clips to make sure they click and stay put in the locked position. If you are bringing a wet/dry vacuum, garden hose or anything else up the ladder with you, ensure is working ahead of time. It can be dangerous to climb ladders with extension cords, hoses and vacuums. Bring a bucket or bag and wear rubber gloves to protect yourself against bacteria as you clear out the gutter items. A gardening scoop, spoon or some other handheld tool can help you gently collect the mud and organic debris that is piling up in your gutters. The goal is to remove all of the leaves, twigs, sticks, pine cones, birds’ nests etc. efficiently and safely.


Visual Inspection & Photo Opportunity

Of course, any time you are up high in the air, it is essential to maintain three points of contact for safety. If you can manage to take photos with one hand, this is a great way to document the condition of your roof. Check for lifting or damaged shingles, tears, rusted flashing around your chimney, detached downspouts, detached gutters, holes in gutters and any signs of mold. Taking note of any problem areas along the exterior will hopefully enable you to call your favourite Calgary roofing company to the rescue before any interior water damage occurs. Being proactive and nipping drainage issues and potential leaks before they occur will help keep your investment safe and dry.


Call Claw Roofing For Professional Care

If your annual gutter cleaning revealed some ugly truths…fear not. Understand that roofs have a lifespan between 15 to 25 years on average; however, a huge part of the longevity lies in whether your gutters have been cleaned on a regular basis. Whatever you do, don’t waste your hard earned cash on useless gutter gimmicks! We would love to stop by and give you our professional opinion. For all of your roof replacement Calgary, Claw Roofing has you covered! Don’t forget about our payment plan options for qualifying clients. Get the answers you need to succeed and call Claw today!



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