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  2. Calgary Roofing Contractor: Minimize Gutter Damage From Ice Buildup  

Calgary Roofing Contractor: Minimize Gutter Damage From Ice Buildup  


Ice dams form along the gutters and can create majestic yet dangerous icicles along the edge of your perimeter. Improper ventilation and inadequate insulation within your attic can cause warm heat to escape through your roof and soffits, melting snow on top. As the water trickles down, it runs into your freezing gutters and turns into ice.  Continuous heat loss and repeated snowfall throughout the season can contribute to a large ice dam formation. If there is no heat to break it down, the running water gradually forms long, heavy icicles. Significant damage can occur to your house and home if ice dams and icicles are abundant. Your Calgary roofing specialist has the ice dam info you need to keep your roof secure for years to come.


Ice Dams: Safety First


While it can be tempting to break off these giant icicles from your gutter, banging them off with a shovel or a rake is not recommended. Ice is unpredictable and can shatter or fall in heavy chunks. Your gutters are rather delicate and can collapse under the significant excess weight from ice dams and icicles. Calling a professional contractor to evaluate your current insulation and ensure that it is upgraded to prevent future heat loss is an essential step. Removing the ice without addressing the underlying cause will only ensure this continues to happen in the future. Upgrading your attic insulation, sealing vents and stopping heat loss will help you keep a healthy, happy roof for years to come.


Interior Water Damage Issues


Untreated ice dams are notorious for causing shingle damage and enabling water to enter the home. Gutters can be physically torn off of the side of your home and leave holes or damage to siding and shingles, also enabling water entry. Any leak in your home or office can cause significant damage. Be on the lookout for any water staining along interior roofs, walls and floors. Addressing leaks in their infancy is the best way to prevent dangerous mold exposure. Claw Roofing is proud to be your residential, commercial, industrial and flat roofing repair specialists! Contact us to book your professional roof inspection today.


Ice Dam Removal Tips


If climbing a ladder and trying to solve your frozen roofing woes in the middle of winter feels overwhelming, you are not alone! Never hesitate to call for professional help. Many homeowners may be comfortable traversing their roofs and have the proper safety harnesses and equipment on hand. Success has been reported from using items including heat tape along the gutters; however, professional installation is recommended. You may also want to consider seamless aluminum gutters to reduce the amount of ice build up in your gutters.Some DIY folks may wish to fill nylon stockings with ice melt products and laying them along the ice dam to help dissolve the issue. Note that this does nothing for the ice build up within the downspout and all of that melted gutter water needs to flow somewhere so this solution may backfire. Be sure to check the forecast and try to time your removal during the safest time possible. Always tell someone you are heading up onto your roof as an extra precaution. Keeping your roof and gutters free of snow with a snow rake can help prevent more ice dams from forming while you are attending to attic your upgrades for long-term solutions.


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