1. Roof Maintenance
  2. Increasing the Lifespan on Your Roof

Increasing the Lifespan on Your Roof

Claw Roofing Calgary | Cleaning gutters as part of roof maintenance

Your roof is an integral part of any residential or commercial building. It is responsible for keeping the heat in and the moisture out. It is your barrier from the great outdoors and the associated elements. Annual maintenance is essential for ensuring you are protecting your family, your business and your property investment. Claw Roofing in Calgary has experience removing, installing, repairing and replacing every kind of roof. Providing our clients with security they can count on is something we firmly stand by.

Visual Inspections on a Regular Basis

Let’s face it, not everyone feels comfortable walking around on their roof. Particularly people who have roofs with steep slopes and valleys or intricate dormers. We completely understand. Unless you are comfortable and physically fit, it is not even a wise idea to climb a ladder too high. However, visual inspections can tell you a lot about the status of your roof. Do you see damaged shingles? Are there any hallmarks of water damage including mold or mildew? What is the condition of your gutters and downspouts? When is the last time you cleared everything out?

How Clean Are Your Gutters? Do Your Downspouts Drain Or Overflow?

Our professional team at Claw Roofing recommends inspecting your roofline biannually. This includes: shingles or roofing materials, vents, flashing, chimney caps, soffits, gutters and downspouts. Those who live near deciduous trees and subject to excessive leaf debris may need to clear out their gutters more than twice a year. The winds can pick up in Calgary and even if you don’t have a tree close to your property, it is simply amazing what can settle into and clog your drainage system. We have seen birds’ nests, rodent nests, beehives and many other things responsible for clogs.

Trapped water that cannot drain properly can lead to significant roof damage. Improper drainage from soffits and downspouts can backfire and cause water to pool along your foundation or enter your home where you least expect it to. Preventative maintenance goes a long way to ensuring the health and well-being of your roof and your family or employees.

Ice Dams Scream Insulation and Venting Issues

Winter weather can alert you to roof problems when you notice gorgeous, giant icicles forming along your roofline. Ice dams are a reoccurring problem and the underlying issues including inadequate insulation and venting problems need to be addressed. While pretty to look at, ice dams mean that warm air is making its way to the roof and causing snow and ice to melt. This repetitive freezing and thawing is costing you money with your energy bills and wreaking havoc on your roof, gutters etc. as the heavy ice can destroy your perimeter. Claw Roofing can help you assess the cause and fix this problem once and for all.

Avoid Mold Related Health Concerns

Your roof is the main barrier to the outside world. If water damage is occurring at your home or business, extremely detrimental health concerns from mold exposure can arise. Claw Roofing is a family owned and operated business in Calgary and we care a great deal about our clients. We have witnessed excessive mold growth and have the proper means to safely remove this toxic substance. Symptoms of mold exposure include: respiratory issues, itchy, watery eyes, skin rashes, sleep disturbances, headaches, neurological problems and fatigue along with a host of other life-threatening problems.

Calgary’s Residential and Commercial Roofing Specialists

Imagine saving money on future energy bills by having a roof that lets your thermostat do its’ job. Escaped air of any temperature means your furnace, heat pump or air conditioning unit is constantly kicking in. This adds up tremendously. Why not call us for a consultation and have our friendly and experienced crew offer you a free quote and some exceptional solutions? Our hard-working team provides years of experience and knowledge dealing with residential and commercial sloped and flat roofs, tile, metal, asphalt, torch on and low slope applications. We look forward to working with you!

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Roof Installation

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We are proud to provide a 10-year labour warranty

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We utilise the highest accreditation, insurance and manufacturer guidelines so your roof investment is protected.