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Signs & Symptoms An Ice Dam Is Developing

While the frozen winter wonderland display hanging from your gutters may look enchanting, it is a sign of chaos brewing! When your soffits and gutters become inundated with heavy, dense ice due to constant freezing and thawing combined with blocked drainage, expensive issues and health concerns may arise. Claw Roofing wants to help you identify problematic issues to help you protect your home. Avoid roof replacement Calgary by ensuring you Key signs and symptoms to be on the lookout for with ice dam formation include:

  • Snow accumulation on the roof
  • Temperature fluctuation
  • Poor attic ventilation and temperature control
  • Heating ducts located in the attic
  • Skylights, recessed lighting and intricate roof designs

Calgary Roofing Company Discusses Attic Ventilation

How is your insulation in your roof? Many older homes require having additional insulation blown in or installed to bring the energy efficiency rating up to par. If you have recently purchased a new building, it is vital to check over your inspection report to determine if your home is protected from heat loss as much as it needs to be to prevent melting snow along your roofline from escaping hot interior air through your roof. As Calgary roofing repair specialists, we can conduct a roof inspection to evaluate the health and longevity of your current situation.


Calgary Roof Repair Icy Considerations

Tiny icicles can form around our homes during the winter; however, the giant ones that look like frozen Niagara Falls may be valid cause for concern. If your visual inspection reveals ice formations behind the gutters, coming through the soffits or gutters, you are at risk of seeing water inside of your home. Damaged and clogged gutters, soffits and downspouts are unable to allow the water to drain adequately and ice may grow along an exterior wall. Since water always takes the path of least resistance, it is only a matter of time before it seeps through a window or door frame. This may already be occurring behind the scenes in your ceiling, walls or insulation if your house or commercial building has a history of ice dams. As drywall and window or door frames are commonly attacked first, you may have water damage issues that have yet to show staining or mold growth on the interior.

Structural Damage

If ice accumulation shows up, it can be difficult to amend in the middle of winter or during a cold snap. Some gutters will come away from the home and can cause damage to the house or nearby vehicles. Be sure to monitor your situation. Never try to remove the ice dam by trying to chip or bang the ice out as this is a dangerous time to be on your ladder and it is simple to puncture your gutters in the meantime.


Call Claw Roofing

The best way to prevent an ice dam is to ensure your annual roof maintenance is up to speed. Cleaning your gutters prior to the first snowfall is essential to ensure accurate water flow without debris blockage. Our friendly and professional team is happy to assess the condition of your residential or commercial roof. We are happy to recommend roof repair or discuss your roof replacement Calgary. Feel secure knowing you are dealing with an experienced and reliable crew. We have financing options available for qualifying clients to help you obtain affordable coverage. After all, your roof issues are only going to “trickle down” and cause more woes if left unaddressed. Get the professional facts you need to make an informed decision and call Claw Roofing today!



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