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Calgary Roofing Repairs and Winter Weather 


Winter weather can cause havoc along your roof line. Dramatic storms this season can cause shingles to lift, detach and even blow away. Shrapnel in the form of tree branches, wayward antennae or heavy, icy hails stones can penetrate at the most inopportune times. Claw Roofing in Calgary understands that it can be tempting to bury your head in the closest snowbank and not have to deal with your roofing issues until the springtime; however, waiting is not wise. Prolonged damage can occur once water has the chance to enter your home. Take extra care if you are using a snow rake or similar apparatus to remove snow from your roof as shingles can become easily damaged under the ice and the snow due to becoming more brittle in colder temperatures.  Calgary roofing repairs can be completed during winter weather months. Never hesitate to call Claw in the event of a winter roofing emergency or if you require a second opinion. Top considerations to take into account during this time of year include:


  • Safety Measures (Ice & Snow)
  • Minimizing Slip and Fall Risk
  • Proper Installation for Warranty
  • Adequate Attic Insulation


Winter Roofing - Calgary Roof Repairs | Claw Roofing

Roofing Repairs In Frigid & Icy Temperatures

Many roofing experts state that installation and repairs are best dealt with during dry, warm and ideal conditions; however, this is not always the case. Oftentimes, winter roofing emergencies are due to a bad winter storm or some weather event that causes punctures or roofing components to blow away. Trying to ascend a ladder and place a tarp or other protective mechanism to fix your damaged roof can cause a significant amount of stress regarding personal safety. Never climb up onto your roof if you do not feel prepared. Wearing giant winter boots and navigating icy rungs is not recommended for the inexperienced or the faint of heart! If you have visible water damage inside or outside your home, it is essential to book a roofing inspection ASAP. Your favourite Calgary roofing company is happy to show up at your residential, commercial or industrial site to help you assess the damage and provide you with an honest quote.

Visual Roof Inspections From the Ground

While we recommend biannual roofing inspections to be completed typically during the spring and fall, we understand that there are often issues you may notice without traversing up a ladder. Many clients see broken shingles, broken down roofing components, detached gutters and damaged downspouts during a basic perimeter walk around their yard. Sometimes, strong gusts of wind can cause heavy tree limbs, pointy sticks and a myriad of potential projectiles to cause puncture wounds to the roofing membrane, along with the gutters and more. Strong winds and storms can even cause the flashing around your chimney, skylights and vents to become destroyed. Improper installation and old age are often the main culprits.

Winter Roofing - Calgary Roof Repairs | Claw Roofing

Calgary Flat Roofing Repairs

We will be happy to assess your flat roofing repair in Calgary and advise the best time to start work. There are a variety of different torch on roofing materials available on the market and some can be utilized in colder months easier than others. We specialize in bitumen flat roofing. Sometimes a patch repair is all that is required; however, if you are close to the end of the lifespan of your roof, we can provide you with a comprehensive quote.

Don’t forget to inquire about our financing options available for qualifying clients! We understand that many people do not have a contingency roofing fund on hand and that the expense of any roofing replacement or roof repairs can seem daunting. We are happy to work out a financing plan that can make the entire process fit into your budget.

Contact us today for all of your roof replacement and repair Calgary!

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