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When Should You Replace Roof Flashing?

Here at Claw Roofing Calgary, we understand how important your roof is. It protects your home from weather and damage all year long. We want to make sure your roof is in the best possible condition to keep your home and family safe. In order to do this, it is vital to know when to replace roof flashing.

Regular maintenance on your home’s roof is important to make sure it is serving its purpose properly. If you’d like a few maintenance tips to preserve the longevity of your roof, check out our previous blog post here. Part of keeping your roof properly maintained is ensuring your roof’s flashing is repaired and doing its job.

What is Roof Flashing?

The flashing on your roof is unsuspectingly one of the most important parts of your home!

So, what exactly is roof flashing? Roof flashing is usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel. It covers joints in your home’s roof and wall construction to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage.

How Does Metal Roof Flashing Get Damaged?

Because flashing is made of aluminum or galvanized steel, you may think it’s tougher than your roof shingles. While flashing is designed to withstand weathering, it can still get damaged and crack, warp or even get blown away completely.

This is especially true if the flashing wasn’t installed correctly in the first place. If it’s not installed properly, it will allow leaks to permeate through your roof. This is why we recommend having a professional install your flashing.

The age of your flashing and the type of weather it has had to withstand in its lifetime will also determine if it needs to be repaired. Flashing needs to be replaced a minimum of every 10-15 years. Flashing, like your roofing shingles, has a lifespan. And old flashing should be replaced by a professional.

Which Flashing On My Home Needs to Be Replaced?

Flashing can be found all over your home. If your roof is leaking, it’s important to find the source of the leak and fix it as soon as possible. Plumbing vent boots may be made of plastic or metal and protect the vents on your roof. Additionally, roof vents, walls, dormers, and chimneys all have flashing around them. If your roof is leaking, call a professional like Claw Roofing. We’d be happy to inspect your roof and find the source of the problem.

Why You Should Have a Professional Repair Your Roof Flashing

If your flashing needs replacing or repairing we recommend having a professional complete the work. It may seem like a simple job, but if it’s not completed properly, your new or repaired flashing can have the same issues it had when you started.

Installing flashing properly takes skill. Even stepping wrong on your existing flashing can reduce its lifespan. Additionally, flashing should be repaired by professionals who know the right nails, laps, and sealants to use. If it’s not repaired right, it can lead to leaks once again.

Additionally, anytime you go on your roof, you’re risking injury or harm. And, let’s be honest, you likely have better ways to spend your time than fixing your roof flashing. Here at Claw, we only hire professional journeyman roofers who will be able to complete your roof repairs professionally, safely and in a timely manner.

If your roof is leaking, or you suspect it may be time to repair or replace your home’s flashing, give us a call. We specialize in roof repairs and would be happy to help you protect one of your most important investments; your home.

Give us a shout! We will gladly help you with any roofing repairs you may need.

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