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Winter Roofing Emergencies

Alberta winters can be brutal and this year is already shaping up to be cold and full of snow! It’s true that winter is the worst time to experience a roofing emergency. Sub-zero temperatures and crazy wind and hailstorms are not meant to enter your home. During the current COVID-19 crisis, the last thing you want to be worried about is the quality and state of your roof affecting you or your family members. Don’t worry, Claw Roofing in Calgary is on-call for all of your roof leak repairs, roofing replacement, inspections and more. Some of the key winter roofing emergencies to be aware of include:

  • Ice Dams & Icicles
  • Punctures
  • Heavy Snow
  • Hailstorm or Wind Damage
  • Lack Of Maintenance
  • Frozen Or Clogged Drains & Gutters
  • Shingle Damage
  • Attic Condensation

Winter Leaks & Calgary Roof Repair

Discovering that there is water damage occurring in your home due to freezing and thawing temperatures is never pleasant. Wondering how long you have had the issue and how to fix it in the middle of a snowstorm can be daunting! Numerous factors contribute to leaky roofs such as improper roof ventilation and lack of adequate insulation. This causes ice dams to form as the heat from your home escapes and melts only to refreeze; creating a heavy, solid blockage. Claw Roofing can assess your roof condition and deliver the options you need to stop the damage from progressing.

Winter Storm Roof Damage

Winter roof repairs are common after intense weather storms. Branches, hail or flying debris can cause punctures or tears in your flashing, flat roofing and roofing membrane materials. Storm damage can whisk shingles away and make them disappear. Unprotected spots on your roof can lead to catastrophic results if unaddressed. Never hesitate to call your reliable roofing contractors at Claw to deliver an honest assessment and quote. In the event that roof replacement is imminent, our team is happy to discuss financial payment plans for qualifying customers.


Are You Prepared For Winter Roofing Emergencies?

Everything can be fine and then a wicked hailstorm can change the integrity of your roof overnight. This is especially common for buildings that feature poorly installed roofing materials, manufacturer defects or improper maintenance. Our professional and experienced team is happy to address all of your questions and concerns. We take photographs of your roof and provide a comprehensive report because showing you exactly what we see is vital. Claw Roofing can help you make an informed decision about the best way to proceed. Stopping leaks with tarps and other temporary fixes do not offer long term solutions.

Mold & Standing Water

Unaddressed dampness from leaks or standing water can cause health concerns including mold exposure. Look for signs of condensation and mold around windows, ceilings, doors and patio doors throughout your home. Constant drafts are another common concern, obviously generating higher energy bills and contributing to family members or pets becoming ill. Water damage to your home can cause negative financial impacts and reduce your resale value. If you are experiencing chronic respiratory problems or constant allergy-like symptoms, it is essential to consider mold exposure. There are many reasons to address your roofing woes. Our team can arrange to meet you and give you the facts you need, even in the middle of winter!

Avoid Roofing Emergencies With Regular Roof Inspections

We totally understand if you are uncomfortable climbing a ladder or traversing your sloped roof. After all, trying to work out of your comfort zone or with improper equipment and training is downright dangerous. Hiring professionals to help you with your annual roof maintenance, and gutter cleaning is the best way to go. Clogged drains can morph into frozen drains, causing issues for your foundation and even structural collapse. The side of your home can become damaged if downspouts or gutters become dislodged or broken. Causing the interior and exterior to suffer, often resulting in more expensive repairs.


Contact Claw Roofing For Your Winter Roofing Emergencies

Our friendly and reliable team doesn’t want you to face the consequences of trapped meltwater, roof leaks or missing shingles. Avoid unnecessary damage to your home or office, after all, your roof is there to keep everyone safe and dry. Many issues addressed early on can be repaired. Your roof is one of the most important components of your home or commercial space, let us help you ensure it is in great shape to take care of you for years to come! Contact the team at Claw, we’re Calgary’s flat roofing specialists and would be happy to help.

If you are experiencing a winter roofing emergency, or are suspicious of a roof leak, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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