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Calgary Homeowners: How to Spot Poor Roofing

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Your roof is a protection zone unlike any other. Residential and commercial roofs need to be annually maintained in order to perform at their maximum capacity to keep you safe, warm and dry. Claw Roofing is among Calgary’s professional roofing specialists. We know what to look for, how to fix it and how to prevent any issues from reoccurring. We have built a solid reputation throughout Southern Alberta for providing reputable roofing solutions our clients can count on. Torched roof applications, flat roofs, sloped roofs and architectural or asphalt shingles are among our specialty services.

Common Signs Your Roof Has Passed Its’ Prime

You have greenery growing on your roof and animals have been living there awhile…These are among the best visuals that your roof is in desperate need of repair. Water staining along exterior or interior walls is another hallmark issue. Where there is water, there is bacteria and a good chance of mold. Protect yourself and your loved ones from ingesting unnecessary respiratory irritants and call Claw for a free quote right now to see if you are overdue for a new roof. Be aware of lifting shingles, water pooling and unaddressed drainage backup within your gutters. Any signs of swelling near windows or doors mean that there is a significant water issue that needs to be amended from the roof down.

Quality Is More Important Than $$

Let’s face it…spending a fraction of the cost to hire a less than reputable roofing team will only cost you more time, energy and money in the future. Paying for expired product or hiring those without adequate installation knowledge can leave you up against re-replacement far sooner than you imagined. Clients commonly think they will save a bundle to go the DIY route; however, your house insurance will not accept any claim in the event a leak occurs from your uninsured installation. Enjoy peace of mind and a proper warranty on our work and hire Claw Roofing to take care of business. We explain our products and can help you determine the best coverage for your specific needs. Different roofs require different attention and longevity recommendations. Rely on our trusted expertise to steer you in the best direction.

Reliability Pays Off

There are many common mistakes that can occur when you don’t do your research and hire the least expensive roofing contractor in your vicinity. We don’t reuse rusty materials to save costs. Our quotes are accurate and include brand new hardware to ensure we complete a secure job. There are no ugly surprises on your invoice at the end of the job. Our team remains in contact throughout the process. If anything unexpected arises during your roofing renovation, you will be the first to know. We believe that communication is key when it comes to providing the best customer service. Claw Roofing is fully insured and we take care of the required permits and paperwork on your behalf. Our experienced crew is committed to the safety and well-being of everyone on the property. Cleaning up is an essential part of installing your new roof. We do not employ any bad roofers or tolerate poor workmanship on any level. We know you will enjoy working with our friendly and experienced team!

Financing IS Available For Your New Roof

We have a variety of payment options to help you enjoy your new roof. Place a downpayment and get started on an affordable plan today. We completely understand that while roof replacement is time sensitive and inevitable; it is not always financially convenient. Our team has financing solutions for your residential or commercial roofing project. We look forward to working together.

Call Claw Roofing in Calgary to discuss financing your roof today (403) 969-2439

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