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Are the Birds and Bees Nesting In Your Calgary Roof?

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While the sounds of birds singing is among one of the more pleasant sounds in life, it can also drive one to distraction when the chorus starts at sunrise outside of your window! The warmer weather means our feathered friends are enjoying Spring; building and preparing their nests for their hatchlings. Many species of birds are territorial and return to the same nesting area each year. Wasps and bees tend to move back in and resume their daily operations this time of year too. If you have seen or heard buzzing, chirping or swooping along your roofline, Claw Roofing in Calgary recommends using some binoculars or booking a roof inspection to discern if any permanent damage is occurring.

Soffits, Air Vents and Overhanging Rooflines

Birds and bees are smart; especially the ones that live in Calgary. Our harsh seasonal changes have made our airborne friends experts at picking nesting sites that offer shelter and protection from wind, rain, sun and snow. The space under your roofline is a common area to notice bird and bee activity. Nests are easy to attach between the highest portion of the wall and the roof. Many clients first notice birds and bugs from seeing or hearing them. Birds will peck holes through broken shingles and roofing vents or along exterior light fixtures to seek shelter and security.

Bees In Your Gutters Again?

Are you being dive-bombed every time you have a BBQ or enjoy a popsicle outside on your deck or patio? The friendly and reliable team at Claw Roofing often finds papery wasp nests and beehives during inspections, re-roofing and repair projects. Check behind your drainage pipes and around your gutters and soffits as this continual water source provides choice real estate. We recommend fixing the problem and securing the situation instead of climbing dangerous ladders and relying on aerosol bug and bee spray. We are happy to conduct a thorough roof inspection to determine the best way to remove these threats from your home and encourage them to relocate elsewhere.

Attractants Include Water Features and Bird Feeders

Wouldn’t you build your nest close to a food and water source too? Many people install water fountains and ponds on their property. This is a soothing and relaxing way to drown out the sound of traffic and enjoy some waterworks on the prairies. Did you know that the sound of running water can make all kinds of critters flock to your residence? Installing some motion lights along your roof, driveway or porch may deter some of the activity.

Claw Roofing Can Access the Damage

Time is always of the essence if you notice any kinds of pests in your roof or on your property. Be alert for raccoons, squirrels, pack rats and other rodents too as they can find ideal places to store their food and raise their young under your tile roof or among metal, asphalt and gravel options as well. Don’t hesitate to call Claw Roofing in Calgary if you need to collect some information and evidence regarding the status of your roof. We are always happy to help!

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