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Calgary Roofing Tips: Fixing Leaky Skylights

Leaky Skylights Are More Common than You Think

Skylights are a popular element among many roofs. They are an excellent way to add more sunlight and natural light within your home. Saving energy costs on lighting and seeing the stars at night is always great. However, if you notice any water staining around the edges of your skylight or see any pooling water, Claw Roofing in Calgary can help you amend the situation. Unaddressed leaky skylights can create a host of long-term damage affecting your entire roof and even the health and wellbeing of your family.

Sloped Glazing Skylight Issues

Skylights are responsible for draining water from the roof and need to be adequately sealed and correctly installed to prevent air drafts and moisture leakage. Every aspect of your roofline is exposed to continuous UV radiation, extreme weather and intense winds. Over time, sheets of ice and fluctuating temperatures can take their toll. Water can pool along the upper and lower edges of the window and create tremendous strain on the structure. Warping and eventual leakage can occur if the warning signs are ignored.

Symptoms of a Damaged or Leaking Skylight

Call Claw Roofing if you notice any of the following issues. Our expert team has the proper training and equipment to get up on your roof and access the damage. Save yourself from ascending high ladders and trying to navigate a slippery roof. Have you witnessed any of the following on your residential or commercial roof?

*Condensation build-up along the interior of the skylight

*Warped or rusty flashing around the edges of the skylight

*Brown or black water stains along the slope away from your skylight or around any edges of your skylight

*Visible mold (fuzziness or spotting often in black, orange, green or brown)

Expensive Structural Damage

Many clients think they are up against a simple skylight replacement only to discover that they are additionally dealing with rotten insulation, moldy structural damage, rotten roof sheathing and rotten roof framing. Severe electrical hazards can originate from roof leakage and increase your risk of a fire. Claw Roofing will thoroughly assess your entire roof area to ensure that any water damage is contained and provide you a full report. Sloping valleys in your roof can lead to damage occurring far away from your actual skylight due to waters ability to take the path of least resistance and naturally follow gravity. A complete roof inspection is part of our skylight service to ensure your family is safe from potential mold.

Exterior Symptoms Of A Leaky Skylight

Many skylights show signs of previous patchwork. Cement roof patches are common, as are DIY tar seals that can be useless when not correctly applied. Our team can take photographs of what we are dealing with so you can see for yourself while safely remaining on the ground. Exterior signs to note include:

  • Flashing gaps in cement between two shingles
  • Bonding failures that occur if the seal was applied over dirty, wet shingles
  • Lifting, cracked or depressed seals
  • Thermal contraction or thermal expansion failures due to changes in the roof materials and roof temperatures
  • Pinholes in flashing cement showing the patch material has lost it’s elasticity and the subsequent perforations are allowing moisture to penetrate

Claw Roofing Has Skylight Solutions For Your Home Or Business

The health and safety of your home, family or business is not something to compromise. Our experienced and friendly crew is happy to visit your location and take a professional look. Long-term mold exposure can lead to a variety of nasty respiratory issues and severely affect your health. Avoid the potential for a fire or expensive electrical repairs from water damage. Enjoy the beauty of natural light with your skylights and ensure they are functioning optimally by calling Claw Roofing in Calgary today!

Call Claw Roofing in Calgary today! (403) 969-2439

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