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Calgary Roofing Tips: Understanding Gutters, Soffits, Flashing and Fascia


How Healthy Are Your Gutters, Soffits, Flashing and Fascia?

Claw Roofing Company in Calgary is your roofing specialty team. There are numerous components required to comprise a healthy, properly functioning roof. If even one of these items has suffered damage or improperly installed, a bevy of disastrous results can occur. Your roof is composed of much more than shingles, tar and gravel or flat roof bitumen material. In fact, the venting, drainage and sealing components including your gutters, soffits, flashing and fascia are vital to ensuring all components are working harmoniously to protect the interior and exterior of your home.

How Is Your Annual Gutter Maintenance Going?

Cleaning your gutters is a job that many people dislike and some even refuse to complete. Let’s face it, not many people enjoy climbing ladders while simultaneously handling garden hoses, debris-removing tools and the like. Not to mention the slimy, grimy, prickly and often surprising items you are bound to discover! Birds’ nests, pinecones, squirrel stashes and a multitude of bugs and even slugs can be present in your gutters.

However, ignoring the recommended biannual maintenance (typically completed in the Spring and Fall), is only going to impair your gutters ability to drain; especially if you have trees in the vicinity. Be careful not to accidentally puncture your gutters, especially if you are trying to remove ice build up. Draining water away from your house and foundation is essential. Many clients relocate their roof water into water storage containers or perimeter cedars or gardens to reuse their water. Do not let the water pool next to the base of your home or you may cause leakage and seepage into your basement. Constant dripping from leaking gutters can also wreak havoc on your driveway.

Soffits Maintenance & Repair

Your soffits refer to the vinyl or wood portion situated under your roof overhang. Some homes have recessed exterior lighting installed in this area. It is common for birds, bats and wildlife including chipmunks to enter this area through the venting if they can gain access. Soffits are a vital component of your roofline as they provide circulation throughout your attic and roof. Their goal is to draw moisture and heat away from your home. Inadequate soffits can lead to moisture accumulating in your attic and cause mold and rot damage if unaddressed.

Fascia Maintenance & Repair

The wooden or vinyl boards that run along your roofline are known as the fascia. They can become damaged and ineffective due to water damage from your gutters or being hit with heavy branches or tree limbs during a severe windstorm. Water can accumulate along the fascia line and impair your structural integrity.

Flashing Maintenance & Repair

Flashing refers to the metal or rubber sealing around your vents, chimney, skylights or pipes. This is often the first place for water damage to start. Rubber can deteriorate over time from constant UV exposure and ice buildup and end up cracking or peeling. Metal flashing can degrade over time and become rusted and worn out. Water can penetrate through the flashing and gain entry into your home or business.

Claw Roofing Company in Calgary Offers Comprehensive Roofline Inspections For Your Peace Of Mind

If you have recently purchased a home or moved into a new business location, call Claw Roofing for a complete roof assessment. Preventative measures can save you thousands and the health and wellbeing of your family and employees is priceless. Save yourself the danger of climbing ladders, navigating steep roofs and DIY inspections and call our professional and experienced team instead. We know all of the signs and symptoms to look for along your roofline and will happily provide you with a complete report on the state of your situation. We can complete all of your roofing repairs and give you the best options for replacement. Our extensive warranty helps you protect your investment to the fullest. Claw Roofing in Calgary also offers a great financial payment plan for those who qualify. Call Claw today and enjoy your home or office for years to come!

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