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  2. Punctures, Leaks and Moisture Problems with Your Calgary Roof

Punctures, Leaks and Moisture Problems with Your Calgary Roof

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Summer time is the ideal time to repair and replace your worn out roof or its vital components. Did this Spring allow moisture to enter your residence? If you happened to notice it was occasionally raining inside this year, there are definitely some issues Claw Roofing can help you address. Moisture within your home can become trapped between walls and around skylight flashing. In fact, many clients initially notice a mouldy smell or see traces of water damage alerting them to the issue. Our experienced and friendly, professional team can assess the damage and provide you with an accurate quote to return your abode to fresh and fabulous in no time.

Interior and Exterior Perimeter Check

Claw Roofing in Calgary recommends conducting biannual maintenance checks

around your property. Travel from room to room and watch for interior water staining marks and visible water damage or moisture. Check closets and storage areas as carefully as any other room. Water damage can be seeping upwards from cracks along your foundation or subsequent issues. When you check the exterior, look for pooling water, inconsistent drainage, poor ventilation or roofing components in need of repair. Pay attention to any locations that suffer from icicles or ice build-up as they often deteriorate faster. Improperly installed HVAC systems can showcase their age and ill fitted status by contributing to areas of standing water.

Wind, Hail, Rain and Snow

A tremendous amount of roof issues can occur due to storm damage that occurred months prior. Storm season can suddenly arise and the extent of damage may remain unknown until the wetter and warmer months arrive. Conducting your maintenance checks in spring and fall are highly recommended. Standing water and improper drainage can influence mold and mosquitoes; two items that can make your life miserable. Thankfully, Claw Roofing in Calgary can help you fix, repair, remove and replace any leaky or damaged roofing materials.


The gorgeous trees along your property may benefit from a specific trim if they are constantly clogging your gutters. Overhanging branches can add excess weight and irreparable damage to your gutters if left unchecked. It is vital to clean your gutters on a regular basis to be proactive with removing natural debris that can interfere with water’s ability to correctly exit your roofline and drain away from your home.

Surface Erosion

Surface erosion can occur from aging shingles, punctures and critter damage that all contribute to wear and tear in certain areas of your roof. This lack of protection can leave you more closely exposed to the elements than you prefer. Surface erosion can lead to significant damage if left untreated. Claw Roofing can provide you with an accurate estimate and the benefits of replacing your existing roof with a new one that will keep you safe and secure.

Providing You With Numerous Options

Our team understands that while we are inundated with roofing terminology and warranty familiarity, our clients prefer going over the fine print . We are happy to explain the different options available in terms of roofing materials and longevity. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with making an educated decision from a company who is committed to your health and wellbeing. Claw Roofing can help you address all of your residential or commercial roofing requirements. Call us to arrange your free quote today!

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