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Sloped Shingle Roofing in Calgary

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What is the status of your Calgary shingles these days? Has age, wind and extreme weather diminished the look and protection level of your home or business? Claw Roofing recommends addressing your shingle concerns now prior to the winter weather. Save time, money and energy efficiency by avoiding higher installation costs during colder temperatures. Feel secure this fall knowing you are addressing your roofing needs ahead of the upcoming blustery season.

Shingles Need Sunshine

If you have ever questioned why roofers are busy and often shirtless during the summer months, it isn’t so they can maximize their tan…! Shingle roofs are best installed during sunnier weather to ensure proper adherence and sealing. Claw Roofing in Calgary can help you address your residential and commercial roofing needs now while our weather is cooperating. Why put off the inevitable? It is silly to pay more and have your roof torn apart during the darker and colder days ahead. Call us today for a full roof assessment and quote and let’s get started!

Leaks, Ice Dams and Damaged Shingles

If there are any signs of water staining, drywall or ceiling discoloration, swollen baseboards or crown molding…this is an indication of a less than savvy roof. Even a slow leak can harbour disastrous results in terms of subsequent mold and structural deterioration. Our experienced team can determine if a simple sectional repair needs to take place or if an entirely new shingled surface is required. Invest in your health and overall energy costs by ensuring your roof is in excellent shape prior to the first snowfall. Giant icicles and lifting or missing shingles indicate access points for moisture and chaos. This can lead to chronic headaches, respiratory issues and unnecessarily high heating and cooling costs. Shingles are best applied prior to a cold snap to ensure they have taken time to appropriately cure in order to provide the utmost protection.

Enhance Your Aesthetic & Air Quality

Choosing new shingles offers a plethora of choices in terms of colours and materials. A new shingle shade can drastically influence your exterior. If you have been thinking of painting the house or adding artificial rock, be sure to show us the samples so we can offer you some complimentary colours to consider. A tiny hold in your moisture barrier or improperly draining valleys within your roof’s peaks can have a detrimental effect on your health, well-being and resale value. If your roof is in bad shape, the entire safety of your home or office is being jeopardized. If you are considering leaving this repair to new owners; be prepared to take thousands off of your asking price.

Discover Our Payment Plan Options Today!

We understand how expensive and vital a happy roof is to your home or office. Thankfully, we have payment plans available for those who qualify. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the roof style you crave without breaking the bank in the process. Now is the best time to enlist our help! Let us secure your roof for many years to come. We look forward to completing all of your roof repairs and replacements.

Call Claw Roofing in Calgary to discuss your roof today (403) 969-2439

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