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Roofing Calgary: Benefits of Quality Bitumen Flat Roofs

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Claw Roofing in Calgary specializes in all types of roof repair and replacement. However, one of our most popular specialty roofing options for flat or low slope roofs is modified bitumen. This resilient product stands the test of time during extreme weather conditions; perfect for our varied prairie climate. If you are seeking a product that is known for longevity to secure your residential or commercial building, we are happy to visit the site in question and provide you with an accurate quote.

Waterproof Peace of Mind

Commonly blended with a rubberized compound or a polymer, roofs that utilize quality modified bitumen offer extreme puncture resistance, impressive tensile strength and excellent water repelling characteristics. When you can’t rely on a significant slope to help disperse water and snow, this is the best option to explore. Freezing and thawing temperatures and extreme windstorms can wreak havoc on other types of roofing materials. If you are hoping not to replace or repair your new roof any time soon, rest assured that you will be secure, safe and dry for often years longer than the extended warranty if proper roof maintenance is completed on an annual basis.

Benefit From Our Rigorous Standards and Decades of Experience

Our professional and qualified crew know what to look for in terms of securing your new roof for decades. We assess potential hazards and explain the best way to care and maintain each of the products and services we offer. Educating our clients helps everyone get the best bang for their buck in terms of longevity and proactive care. It does not take long for a simple problem to suddenly cause tremendous damage to the interior and exterior of your building. We are happy to conduct a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report that discusses not only your roof but all associated vents, soffits, gutters and drainage components. We want to leave you with a healthy and intact system that will offer protection and peace of mind for years to come.

Modbit Torch Application for Ultimate Sealing & Security

Modified bitumen is a mixture of asphalt and additional modifiers to produce a rubber-type product. Surface granules are available in aggregate, aluminum and mineral granules including copper. This makes it possible to install this specialized flat or low slope roofing option available in a variety of colours. Depending on the application, modified bitumen roofs are torch applied in either a one, two or three ply system. Our friendly team is happy to explain every step from moisture barrier to completion and answer any questions that you may have.

Flat & Low Slope Roofs: Claw Has You Covered!

We know it can seem like learning a foreign language when it comes to roofing materials and determining pros and cons of different roof options. That is why our team is devoted to your total satisfaction. We can provide you with an accurate assessment of your roofing needs and help you decipher the best way to go. Call us today to arrange a residential or commercial estimate. Learn more about our financing plan options in order to maximize your roofing potential in the most affordable way possible! We look forward to working with you.

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