ice dams and snow on roof

We are proud to be Canadian and we all know that being a Canuck comes with great perks (hockey, maple syrup, poutine, shall we go on?), we’re also in agreement over the fact that this country comes with one obvious cons: Winter. Canadian Winters can be downright miserable. Did you know that if not properly maintained, winter can be horrible for your roof? Face the facts: Roof repairs are NOT cheap so it’s important to take preventative measures before roofing problems arise. Below, we’ve outlined some maintenance tips for the winter season to avoid inconvenience and high repair costs:

Remove Debris

The most common and obvious way to avoid trouble is to make sure you remove any debris that’s building up on top of your roof. This can include leaves, branches, garbage and anything else making a home on top of your house. The last thing you want throughout the cold season is a leak resulting from clogged up drains. This winter, avoid the need of drip buckets and clean off the top of your house A-S-A-P!

cleaning your guttersClean Your Gutters

If you haven’t already, on the next warm(ish) day, take some time to clean out your gutters. When not maintained, clogged gutters lead to ice dams which can be horrible for your attic or the upper floor of your home. All you have to do is ensure they’re all cleared out from debris! A simple task that could end up saving you a steep dollar.

Take Care of your Attic

If you’re noticing leaks, this may be because your attic needs an insulation upgrade. Your house produces a tonne of heat which then escapes up through the roof. So naturally, when snow starts melting, this can lead to none other than… you guessed it! Leaks. If you take enough care to re-do your attic insulation into something more sustainable, you’re less likely to experience that pesky dripping.

tree trimmingTrim the Trees

Okay, so those trees that surround your home are beautiful. However, if they happen to hang above the house, they can be hazardous to your roof. Take the initiative to ensure that those trees in particular are kept trimmed to reduce debris. As stated in the above points, roof rubbish tends to be the common denominator for issues, so if you maintain the main source of the problem, you’ll be reducing the risk of needing to fix it in the first place.

By maintaining your roof, you’re basically screaming out that you are proud to be Canadian. Why? Because you’re proving to the world that you understand how to tackle both the positives AND the negatives of our winters, and this means handling problems head on! If you need advice or services in residential, flat or commercial roofing, we’ll be happy to help! After all, we believe that equality and respect are the basis of all our relationships and are committed to ALWAYS providing you with our best work.

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